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GFA Spotlight: Balance Bowl (GetFundedAfrica May/June Fundraising Cohort Edition)

About the Founder(s)

Andrea Kamara-Dunbar is the founder/CEO of Balance Bowl Nigeria Ltd, a health tech company using technology to provide lifestyle support for those who want to make a change and live healthier. It has locations in Lagos, Nigeria & Maryland, USA.

Her driving force is “to improve the lives of African citizens”. She also has a unique trait of bringing out the best in people.

When she’s not creating healthy recipes, Andrea loves to travel, cook, and read.

About Balance Bowl Nigeria Limited

Andrea’s journey into healthy living began in Liberia where she was frustrated with the lack of African recipes and decided to cook her healthy recipes using local ingredients found at local food markets. Within months, she had a small but loyal following online and customers began ordering up to ten bowls of meals a day, prompting her to recruit a delivery service.

After moving back to Lagos in 2019, the increased demand spurred the need for an online platform to facilitate faster client service, and so Balance Bowl was born.

The company’s goal is to create a world where it’s easy to lead a healthier and happier life. Balance Bowl is building myfitnesspal meets Noom for Africa, by Africans – a suite of solutions adapted to the African unique health needs and lifestyle. Subscribers can customize healthy meals and order from restaurants, create exercise plans, subscribe to health insurance, get access to telemedicine, and browse related content & other resources.

The two-year-old start-up, with its eight-member staff strength, has logged in over 1,000 transactions, 150+ subscribers and served more than 50, 000 bowls. Accomplishments under its belt while tackling such obstacles as infrastructure issues, perpetual rising costs, turbulent market conditions and, of course, lack of funding to grow as preferred. Some of its biggest competitors are MyFitness Pal and  Healthify.

Balance Bowl has plans to expand into other African countries namely Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. In five years, it hopes to be a pan-African brand leading the industry of health and wellness. It would also like to be known as the company helping to change how Africans view healthy living.

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