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GFA Spotlight: StaffBus (GetFundedAfrica May/June Fundraising Cohort Edition)

About the Founder

Oludayo Olujekun is the co-founder and CEO of Staffbus Integrated Technologies, also known as Staffbus. It is a subscription-based, bus ride service for daily commute for workers founded in 2017.

He can also be termed as a serial entrepreneur having floated three other ventures previously – a tour company, a strategic brand’s communications company and a total concept media, entertainment management and promotions outfit. Dayo’s background includes accountancy, enterprise and start-up trainings. 

His motto “There’s nothing on this earth that a human cannot achieve” keeps him focused and in tune with his unique trait of the ability to bring people together for a common objective.

Outside of Staffbus, Dayo spends his time motor racing, touring to discover new and exciting places, and paintballing.

About Staffbus

The chaos of public transport, and the attendant traffic congestion in Lagos during Dayo’s first job after years as an entrepreneur, prompted him to start Staffbus as a possible solution to dealing with the problem. He knew he couldn’t be the only one wishing for a better commute to and fro work locations.

Staffbus is solving the problem of the deficiency of public transportation in cities like Lagos across Africa, where owning a personal car requires huge commitment. It is a mobile pre-booking ride service for the daily commute of workers in bustling cities. It provides its users with a hassle-free experience through ease of access, trained drivers, reliable bus routes, good conditions of the buses, and consistent pricing. Staffbus employs technology to match passengers with buses; thus eliminating the chaos of public transport. Its goal is to ultimately reduce single occupancy vehicles and reduce traffic congestion.

Up till this point, the three-year-old company and its five staff members have worked with Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), won two business competitions, and have been featured in the news for its innovativeness. However, Staffbus’s accomplishments have not been without challenges. The company had issues with customer acquisition even when significant downloads were recorded with the app. It also had to build the app from scratch and, at a time when it was experiencing funds scarcity, used existing Uber/Bolt drivers to complement Staffbus’ services. The obstacles have led it here; five years on and thriving. Even in the face of competitors such as public buses, BRT buses, people with cars, and bus and cab hailing services. Staffbus is among the top three services to beat when ease of use and guaranteed services are considered.

Staffbus plans to gain substantial grounds in its headquartered state and country, Lagos, Nigeria, and subsequently other cities in Africa.  In five years, it hopes to be the reasonable choice for workers when planning their daily commute to and fro work across cities in Africa. In addition, it aspires to grow its user base and the number of monthly rides by 30 per cent quarterly for the next two years and by 40 per cent in five.

Staffbus wants to be recognized as the commute means of choice for African professionals.

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