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Spotlight Nation: Egypt – The Gift of the Nile

Egypt is rapidly becoming a hub for startups and innovation, with a growing number of young entrepreneurs launching innovative businesses across a range of sectors. In recent years, the country has witnessed a surge in the number of tech startups, fueled by government initiatives, a growing investment ecosystem, and a pool of highly skilled graduates.

The Egyptian government has recognized the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and job creation and has launched several initiatives aimed at supporting startups and SMEs. In 2019, the government launched the “Egyptian Startups Association” (ESA), which is a non-profit organization that aims to support and promote the growth of startups in Egypt.

The ESA provides a range of services and support to startups, including mentorship, training, networking opportunities, and access to funding. It also advocates for policies and regulations that support the growth of the startup ecosystem in Egypt.

The government has also launched several funding initiatives to support startups, including the StartEgypt initiative, which provides funding and support to entrepreneurs and startups in Egypt. The program offers a range of services, including mentorship, training, networking opportunities, and access to funding.

In addition, the government has established several innovation and entrepreneurship hubs across the country, such as the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) and the Greek Campus in Cairo. These hubs provide co-working spaces, training, and support to startups and entrepreneurs, helping to create a vibrant ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in Egypt.

One of the most notable startup success stories to come out of Egypt in recent years is Vezeeta, a healthcare booking platform that raised $40 million in funding in 2020. Founded in 2015 by CEO Amir Barsoum, Vezeeta has grown to become the largest digital healthcare booking platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with over 5 million users in Egypt alone.

Another promising Egyptian startup is Swvl, a mass transit platform that offers affordable, comfortable, and reliable transportation options for commuters. Founded in 2017 by Mostafa Kandil and Mahmoud Nouh, Swvl has expanded to several cities across the MENA region, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Nairobi, and has raised over $170 million in funding to date.

In the e-commerce space, Jumia, which bills itself as “Africa’s Amazon,” has also made a significant impact. Founded in 2012, the company has grown rapidly and now operates in over a dozen African countries, including Egypt, where it has a strong presence.

Other notable Egyptian startups include:

  • Instabug: a platform that allows developers to collect feedback and bug reports from their users.
  • Zvendo: an end-to-end eCommerce solution provider for retailers to sell and grow their business online.
  • MaxAB: an e-commerce platform that provides supply chain solutions for small and medium-sized retailers.
  • Paymob: a digital payments platform that provides online and offline payment solutions for businesses.
  • Fawry: a digital payments and financial services company that offers a range of services, including bill payments, mobile top-ups, and online shopping.
  • Telda: a neobank that offers digital banking services to consumers in Egypt.
  • Elves: an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps users with daily tasks such as booking appointments, ordering food, and more.
  • MoneyFellows: a platform that allows users to create and join savings groups, helping them save money and access credit.
  • Wuzzuf: a job search platform that connects job seekers with employers, using AI to match candidates with relevant job opportunities.
  • Nafham: an online learning platform that provides educational videos and content for K-12 students in Arabic.
  • Odiggo: an e-commerce platform that allows users to buy and sell auto parts and accessories.

Egypt’s startup ecosystem is supported by a range of initiatives and organizations that provide funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. These include:

  • Flat6Labs: a startup accelerator that provides funding, mentorship, and training to early-stage startups in Egypt and other countries in the MENA region.
  • Innoventures: an innovation platform that offers incubation, acceleration, and investment services for startups.
  • RiseUp: an annual conference that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders.

The Egyptian government has been actively promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in recent years, launching several initiatives aimed at supporting startups and SMEs. In 2018, the government launched the “Egypt Vision 2030” initiative, which aims to build a strong, diversified, and competitive economy by 2030, with a particular focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

As part of this initiative, the government launched the “Egypt Innovation Program,” which provides funding and support for innovative startups and SMEs in a range of sectors, including ICT, renewable energy, and health. The program offers a range of services, including mentorship, incubation, and access to funding.

Furthermore, the government has also introduced several policy reforms to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in Egypt. For example, in 2018, the government passed a new investment law that offers a range of incentives for investors and startups, including tax exemptions and streamlined procedures for business registration. Overall, the Egyptian government’s efforts to support innovation and entrepreneurship are helping to create a favourable environment for startups in the country, and are contributing to the growth of a vibrant startup ecosystem.

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