Future Africa and CatalyzU Unveil “How to Startup” Fellowship for African Entrepreneurs

What’s this about?

  • Future Africa and CatalyzU have collaborated to introduce the “How to Startup” fellowship, a seven-week initiative targeting African entrepreneurs to equip them with vital skills for business success.
  • Crafted by esteemed African founders and venture capitalists, this intensive fellowship provides hands-on training and real-life case studies, enhancing participants’ comprehension of the African startup environment.
  • Upon finishing the program, fellows become members of the Young African Catalyst network, a dynamic alliance of more than 200 prominent founders and venture capitalists, ensuring continued support and collaborative opportunities.

Zoom in…

Future Africa and CatalyzU have partnered to launch the “How to Startup” fellowship, a seven-week programme designed to empower African entrepreneurs and equip them with the essential skills and knowledge needed to build successful businesses.

Future Africa is a leading pan-African VC firm, while CatalyzU vets, trains, and places Africa’s leading talent. The two have now partnered to launch “How to Startup”, a new initiative aimed at startup founders, aspiring founders, startup employees, and even corporate innovators eager to launch and scale innovative ideas in Africa.

Developed by a team of Africa’s best founders and venture capitalists, the immersive fellowship offers tailored, experiential training that goes beyond traditional entrepreneurship education.

Participants will learn directly from the best in the business, gaining practical strategies from live learning, and real-world case studies that aim to foster a deeper understanding of the unique nuances of the African startup ecosystem.

What the Parties are saying…

Africa is home to a vibrant, rapidly growing entrepreneurial landscape, and we’re thrilled to launch this fellowship to empower the next generation of African startups,” said Karl Nchite, co-founder and CEO of CatalyzU.

By providing hands-on, live learning experiences and access to an extensive network of industry leaders, we’re equipping entrepreneurs with the tools and support they need to turn their innovative ideas into thriving businesses.”

The Big picture

Upon completion of the programme, fellows will graduate into the Young African Catalyst network – CatalyzU’s Alumni Network, a vibrant alliance of over 200 leading founders and venture capitalists across the continent, providing ongoing support and collaboration opportunities. 


Applications for the CatalyzU “How to Startup” fellowship are open here.


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