Ethio Clicks’ Vision: Creating a “Super app” for Ethiopian Consumers

What’s This About?

  1. Ethio Clicks, a startup that offers diverse e-commerce solutions in Ethiopia, is claiming to be the country’s first “super app.”
  2. Founder Ezedin Wangoria’s journey from software developer to an entrepreneur led to Ethio Clicks, which was fueled by international exposure and Ethiopia’s digital evolution.
  3. Despite self-funding and limited advertising, Ethio Clicks has developed quality products, gained market traction, and anticipates growth in Ethiopia’s evolving digital landscape.

Zoom In…

Ethio Clicks, an Ethiopian startup founded in 2020, claims to be the country’s first “super app” due to its products spanning across various verticals.

The startup primarily focuses on e-commerce in areas such as shopping, real estate, and package delivery.

Ethio Clicks has several platforms, including BetDelala, a real estate web portal and mobile application that connects home-seekers with properties and agents; Esoora, a restaurant-listing service; and Zegulit, a mobile shopping platform. Zegulit is a marketplace app that enables small companies to sell their products digitally.

Ezedin Wangoria, the startup’s founder, is an experienced software developer who always dreamt of building his own product. However, economic limitations made this dream far-fetched until he founded Ethio Clicks.


I got an opportunity to study my MSc in Europe, and to work in the US. This opportunity exposed me to different entrepreneurial ideas and gave me economic flexibility. Plus, in the last four to five years, internet access in Ethiopia improved, and many people and services in the country came to the digital world,” Ezedin said.

So Wangoria and partner Ibrahim Ali launched Ethio Clicks with the help of several students recruited to its year-long internship programme.

When internet access was liberalised, the rush to fulfill digital solution demand began. We discussed and prioritised which area we should delve into. Since we are in the early digital age of the country, we jumped into providing solutions that are well established in other countries, such as real estate, e-commerce, and delivery,” Wangoria said. 

The Big Picture

Ethio Clicks, being a self-funded venture thus far, confidently boasts of developing innovative products and bringing them to market.

We have successfully achieved developing quality products and getting moderate market flow. We are waiting for our country’s capital market to get started. We are positioning ourselves to attract investment and expand accordingly,” said Wangoria.


Founder Wangoria explains that the startup’s growth has been impaired by the budget limitation on advertisements, but the growth is nevertheless promising.

Given the recency of accessibility of internet connections and the limited familiarity of the people for online business, our growth is limited, but promising. The budget limitation to spend on advertisements has also impacted our growth, but considering these important factors, our growth is not bad. We expect our growth to increase through time.” he said.

Source: disruptafrica.com

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