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4 Traits Successful Make-up Artists Have in Common

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Mirror, mirror on the wall; attributes that make them soar There are make-up artists, and then there are successful make-up artists. A difference separates these two categories of people. Anyone can splash on foundation, line the eyes and make lips pouty red. But it takes more than just hard skills to be regarded as a successful make-up artist. Here are four of them outlined below:


Applying make-up products is a form of art. It is the reason for the name of the art form, make-up artistry, and the practitioners in the field, make-up artists. Creativity is par for the course in this profession; it is the first and one of the most crucial skills in any artistic endeavour. Visual sense and creative imagination are requirements here. Hence, successful make-up artists are constantly innovating with the looks they produce for any event. Their creative minds identify the various shapes and facial features, visualize and plan out the appropriate look, then highlight them according to the theme of the ceremony, outfit, time of day, etc.

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A Robust Portfolio

Whether online or in hard copies, successful make-up artists have strong portfolios. They are personal and distinguished collections of images showcasing the most exquisite work of make-up artists in various settings – fashion, bridal, editorial, special effects, cinematic, etc. Make-up portfolios are a way to market make-up artists’ businesses. At a glance, prospective clients can view their skills, versatility, signature style, and creativity. A portfolio is professionally constructed, professionally presented and a must-have for successful make-up artists, as it helps clients decide faster when looking to hire the best.

Traits successful make-up artists  have in common

Great People Skills

Make-up artistry is an opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of new people regularly. It is a front-row seat to clients up close and personal. Successful make-up artists know how important it is to get along with their clients – celebrities, models, actors, everyday people – for a smooth application process and a happy ending; as well as for repeat business. They are adept at communicating to understand their clients’ goals and providing feedback, if necessary. Additionally, successful make-up artists are confident and tactful when making suggestions for changes that may enhance a client’s look. In other words, they treat the people they transform how they would like to be treated.

Efficient Time Management

Successful make-up artists have mastered the art of managing their time as efficiently as their clients’. Because they may often be working under pressure and on a tight schedule, one of the most important traits they have honed is their time management skill. They plan properly and according to the number of jobs billed for the day. They realize that being punctual or apologetically late to a location reflects not only on their professionalism (or lack thereof) but also serves as a vital success factor in the industry. Successful make-up artists also keep track of the time spent on beautifying clients, ensuring that they do not exceed a particular time limit while allowing for at least 15 minutes between clients to sanitise their equipment and be well-organized for the next.

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