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GetFundedAfrica Partners With Access Bank to Support African SMEs

GetFundedAfrica today announced a partnership with Access Bank to provide the essential learning resources needed to support African small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through its learning and development platform, Remsana

Through this partnership, the two entities will pool their extensive networks and resources for the purpose of providing start-ups and entrepreneurs with access to business courses, webinars, mentoring programmes, and a close-knit network of investors. 

“Access Bank is one of Africa’s pre-eminent banks,” said Debo Omololu, CEO/Founder of GetFundedAfrica. “This partnership will lead to thousands of start-ups and SMEs getting access to tools and resources to grow their businesses and to get access to investors.” 

GetFundedAfrica is a tech-enabled marketplace that connects startups, investors (VCs & Angels), corporates & government. GetFundedAfrica is on a mission to enable startups and help them towards becoming investor-ready, which will in turn minimize the gaps that start-ups face in connecting with investors and raising funds needed to grow and scale their businesses. 

“Access Bank has consistently demonstrated a drive to provide value-added services to its SME customers beyond traditional offerings. Access Bank clearly cares,” said Tunji Oke, Co-Founder at GetFundedAfrica. 

“Operating as a Pan-African Venture Service platform supporting SMEs to solve Africa’s economic problems, GFA provides value-added solutions to large corporates in different sectors and industries, such as Access Bank. It pleases us that Access Bank understands the needs of its customers and has chosen GetFundedAfrica as a partner to move SMEs into the next frontier of growth and access to capital.” 

The Investor Readiness Program is a digital on-demand learning programme that helps present and prospective start-up founders gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and network to become investor-ready and secure funding to help their businesses thrive. 

With more knowledge and enhanced skills, business owners in Africa can stand out from the tide of many other start-ups and attract suitable investors. 

“Great collaborations create something bigger than either party could achieve alone. GFA, in partnership with Access Bank, has come together to offer our investor readiness programme, which aims to bridge the gap between African founders/entrepreneurs and their fundraising goals for their businesses. We are supporting the growth of companies that create solutions across our continent and beyond.”Efe Ogundowole, Product Manager for Remsana. 

The Investor Readiness Program is open to every business owner and entrepreneur. Get a chance to learn how to become investor ready and pitch to a portfolio of investors! 

Click here to get started:

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