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GetFundedAfrica and Reliance Infosystems Join Forces to Empower Startups with Technology Solutions for Growth and Global Expansion 

Reliance Infosystem, an organisation creating enduring partnerships with their customers by providing suitable technology inputs to support their business goals, and GetFundedAfrica (GFA), a cloud-based tech platform uplifting African individuals and economies through technology, learning, and telling African startup stories have joined forces together.    

The primary objective of this collaboration is to address the pressing technology challenges faced by startups on their growth journey and empower them with the necessary resources and opportunities to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. 

Under this partnership, Reliance Infosystems and GetFundedAfrica look to bridge the technology gap by offering various valuable services to startups. These services include the following: 

  • Access to cloud technology training and support on major cloud platforms.
  • Providing digital advisory services to accelerate the adoption of technology in the product/service development cycle of SMEs and startups.  
  • Support the adoption of GFA digital products by startups in other markets with thriving startup ecosystem.
  • Provide startups & SMEs access to GFA’s FundRaiserCRM, to help achieve fund raising/investment needs.

Commenting on the Partnership, Tunji Oke the Co-Founder/Chief Commercial Officer at GetFundedAfrica, said “ GetFundedAfrica focuses on solving six access problems for SMEs and startups in Africa. Our partnership with Reliance will help us achieve one of these key objectives: access to technology. Startups and sme represent the current wave of innovation and entrepreneurs, solving the economic problem and GDP. Data from sources such as the Pwc MSme survey clearly show that SMEs are the backbone of every African economy. Elevating sme and startups to utilize cloud tech through this partnership, we jointly guarantee a clear leap for the African continent in the business space.” 

The partnership also seeks to assist startups in streamlining their design and innovation processes through mentorship, training, and corporate matching. 

By leveraging the expertise and resources of Reliance Infosystems, startups will receive guidance and support to expedite their growth and development, ensuring they can compete effectively in the market. 

One notable aspect of this collaboration is the commitment to supporting the adoption of GFA’s digital products by startups in other markets with thriving startup ecosystems. This adoption opens new avenues for startups to expand their reach and access diverse markets, enabling them to maximize their growth potential. 

Speaking about the partnership, Olayemi Popoola, the Group MD/CEO of Reliance Infosystems, expressed his enthusiasm and appreciation for GetFundedAfrica’s transformative approach to facilitating connections and generating opportunities for startups across Africa. Popoola highlighted the importance of leveraging technology to level the playing field and provide unprecedented startup growth prospects. He said: 

We are pleased to see how GetFundedAfrica is spearheading a transformative approach to facilitating connections between startups, investors, corporate entities, and government bodies. By harnessing the power of technology, GetFundedAfrica is effectively levelling the playing field and generating unprecedented opportunities for startups across Africa.” 

“As a for-impact global technology organization with a keen interest in helping businesses leverage digital technologies for growth, impact and innovation, we recognize the important role GetFundedAfrica is playing, and we are highly enthusiastic about our partnership to better connect African startups to the resources and opportunities they need to grow, thrive and compete in today’s fast-evolving business landscape.” 

The collaboration between Reliance Infosystems and GetFundedAfrica holds great promise for startups in Africa and beyond. By combining their expertise, technological prowess, and commitment to fostering growth, this partnership empowers startups with the tools they need to succeed, ultimately contributing to Africa’s vibrant and dynamic startup ecosystem. 

About GetFundedAfrica 

GetFundedAfrica is a cloud-based technology platform that specializes in developing software that helps businesses raise funds, grow, and effectively tell their stories. Whether you want to raise funds ranging from $100k to $50m or you simply want to grow your business, sign up for free at  

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