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Tiye Angels Makes First Investment in InCurA

Cairo, Egypt – March 2024 

Tiye Angels, Egypt’s first female angel investment network, is proud to announce its first inaugural investment in InCurA, a promising company developing innovative, patent-protected medical devices solutions. This investment marks a significant milestone for both Tiye Angels and InCurA.  It demonstrates Tiye Angels’ commitment to Gender Lens Investing (GLI), highlighting the potential of female founders in Egypt and demonstrates investor confidence in Incura’s potential to drive positive impact.

We are thrilled to announce our first investment in InCurA,” said Christine Sedky, Tiye Angels Network Manager.  “The company has a talented team, holds intellectual property rights for its products , has established licensing and manufacturing partnerships and has a clear vision for addressing a critical need in the medical devices market. We are confident in InCurA’s potential growth and the positive impact it will have on the Egyptian and regional economies.”

InCurA, founded by Wessam Sarhan (CEO and Co-founder) and Moussa Salem ElSayed (CTO and Co-founder), is the first IP factory in MENA dedicated to creating high-quality medical devices that provide innovative solutions with scalable manufacturing capabilities.   InCurA’s two leading products are hemostatic agents (used to limit bleeding during dental or surgical procedures) that have enhanced efficacy compared to existing products globally.  ColiSorB, a hemostatic sponge and CurASeal, a hemostatic powder both products exhibit enhanced hemostatic efficacy, accelerated clotting and lower blood loss. InCurA’s solutions not only improve on current market offerings but also serve as strong import-replacement products for the region, where over 90% of medical devices are imported.

Tiye Angels’ investment is more than just capital” from CEO and Founder Wesam Sarhan of Incura said. “We are grateful for the alignment with our values and support of Tiye Angels and look forward to working with them to democratize access to healthcare and accelerate the expansion of InCurA.”

The terms of the investment were not disclosed.

About Tiye Angels

Tiye Angels is Egypt’s first female angel investment network. Named after Queen Tiye, one of Ancient Egypt’s most influential figures, Tiye Angels aims to empower modern Egyptian women, whether investors or entrepreneurs. Tiye Angels mission is to build the single most effective angel network to support and invest in female-led startups in Egypt. Tiye Angels was launched with the support of USAID, and is currently supported by USAID’s Business Egypt Program, implemented by DAI.  For more information, please visit [].

About Incura

Incura is a biomedical startup specializing in the manufacturing innovative medical products with a focus on bleeding control.  They introduce proprietary medical devices that are efficiently manufactured locally in the Middle East.   For more information, please visit:

Contact: Christine Sedky, Tiye Angels Network Manager

Dr. Wesam Sarhan, CEO and Co-founder IncurA

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