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Exploring Innovation: NYSC “Mind the Gap” CDS Tech Tour at GFA Technologies

On Friday, 26th April 2024, a group of enthusiastic Corp members from the “Mind the Gap” Community Development Service (CDS) under the NYSC scheme in Abeokuta South Local government, embarked on an insightful journey into the realm of technology and innovation. GFA Technologies, renowned for its commitment to pioneering software solutions that aid digital literacy and all-around community development, opened its doors to the eager Corp members. Led by Grace Oluwalola, HR Leader for GFA, the Tech tour provided a glimpse into the inner workings of the leading software company.

Guided Exploration: A Tour of GFA Facility

With Grace as their guide, the corp members embarked on a comprehensive tour of the GFA facility. They had the privilege of meeting some of the brilliant minds behind GFA Technologies’ software solutions. From seasoned developers to visionary project managers, each encounter shed light on the diverse talents fueling GFA’s innovation engine.

Grace’s meticulous introductions provided invaluable insights into the roles and responsibilities of each team member, showcasing the collaborative spirit that defines GFA’s culture.

Unveiling GFA’s Mission

After the enriching tour, the corp members gathered in the prestigious Olatomiwa Williams Hall for a captivating address by Grace. With eloquence and passion, she delved into the core mission and values that underpin GFA Technologies.

In her address, Grace enlightened the corp members on GFA’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge software solutions that transcend boundaries and empower businesses to thrive in the digital age, particularly the Digital Innovation Management Platform(DIMP); GFA’s executive platform. DIMP is a product that aids program management across organizations and enables these organizations to achieve end-to-end program success.  She emphasized the company’s dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction through various products that are in the works.

In a bid to encourage the corp members, Grace handed over to GFA’s Finance Director, Akinwande George, who admonished them to trust the process they’re threading and never give up on their dreams. 

Furthermore, GFA’s commitment to talent development and capacity building was reiterated, highlighting the various training and mentorship programs available to the public. The corp members were encouraged to pursue careers in technology and were provided with guidance on how to leverage their skills and knowledge for personal and professional growth.

As the Tech Tour drew to a close, the corps members expressed their gratitude to the entire team at GFA Technologies for the invaluable experience, as the visit not only deepened their understanding of software development but also ignited a newfound passion for technology and innovation. 


The Tech Tour at GFA Technologies proved to be more than just a glimpse into the workings of a software solutions company; it was a journey of discovery and inspiration for the corp members from “Mind the Gap” CDS. Through firsthand experiences and insightful discussions, they gained a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of technology and the boundless possibilities it presents for the future. As they bid farewell to GFA Technologies, they carried with them not only memories of an enriching experience but also a newfound sense of purpose in their own technological endeavours.

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