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TransNumerik CEO Mody-Oury B. Explores Collaborative Opportunities with GFA Technologies During Key Visit

Mody-Oury B, the esteemed CEO of Cote d’Ivoire based company TransNumerik, a Microsoft Gold Partner that offers cutting-edge Microsoft certified business solutions to African companies, paid a visit to GFA Technologies (formerly known as GetFundedAfrica) on Thursday, 8th of February, 2024. The meeting between the two technology companies aimed at fostering collaboration and exploring opportunities for mutual growth and innovation across Africa.

Mody-Oury B., CEO of TransNumerik

GFA Technologies, a renowned player in the field of cutting-edge technology solutions, welcomed the esteemed Mody-Oury B. with beaming smiles and open arms. The visit began with an exclusive meeting involving GFA’s Co-founder and CCO, Tunji Oke, the Chief Product Officer, Seun Adeboyejo, Project manager for TransNumerik, Temitope Ayano and the esteemed CEO. The discussion spanned around the present partnership between GFA Technologies and TransNumerik, execution plans that are currently in place, and how to further enhance the relationship between the two companies.

Mo, known for his visionary leadership at TransNumerik, expressed optimism about continued collaboration possibilities. He emphasized the importance of fostering innovation through strategic partnerships in an era where technological advancements are shaping the future of industries. 

Mody-Oury B., (CEO of Transnumerik), Tunji Oke (Co-founder and CCO, GFA Technologies), Temitope Ayano (Project manager, Transumerik project)

GFA Technologies’ Co-founder, Tunji Oke, reciprocated the enthusiasm, highlighting the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. Tunji further strengthened Mo’s expectations by taking him on a tour of GFA’s state-of-the-art Facilities, assuring him of GFA’s competence and dedication to the forged partnership. 

Mody-Oury B. at Ogun Tech hub, the state-of-the-art facility that houses GFA Technologies

The visit ended with an exclusive interview with Mo, where he emphasized on what TransNumerik does. “TransNumerik is an IT company that does digital transformation, AI, security, and we believe that digital transformation can play a pivotal in developing Africa,” he said. He further revealed that they have subsidiaries in Senegal, Cote d’Iviore, an office in in Accra, partnerships with Gabon, Cameroon and Rwanda. 

We like to call ourself a one-stop shop, so whatever type of need you have if you come to us, if we cannot do it, we have partners that can do it. You come to us and you are pretty sure you will be satisfied,” Mo Barry said.

He spoke about how he came to partner with GFA, emphasizing on how Microsoft brought them together and how he considered the partnership since GFA already has a platform called “DIMP” where you can have access to all the ecosystem in one place, and also make entrepreneurs grow rapidly. 

In Mo’s words, “The partnership has been great. We are currently deploying remote access solution for a partner in Ivory coast. And we have big plans on ruling that in all francophone African countries, the tech community and the youths should be able to leverage technology and have the impact that we want it to have.” 

On inquiring from Mo if he’ll be frequenting Nigeria after his last visit, his reply was negative. He stressed that since English speaking African countries are more advanced in technology than Francophone speaking countries, he’ll be focusing more on the latter while he maintains the strong partnership with GFA Technologies.

Mo’s visit came to an end with GFA reiterating and assuring him that the partnership between the two companies will be diligently maintained and executed.

Mody-Oury B. with some of the staff of GFA Technologies

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