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GFA Technologies Explores Collaborative Efforts with Key Government Officials to Advance Gateway Skills Program

In a significant stride towards empowering the residents of Ogun State, the co-founders of GFA Technologies, Debo Omololu and Tunji Oke, embarked on a visit to key government officials in Ogun State on Wednesday, 20th March 2024. 

The meeting, which was held with the esteemed Commissioner for Youths & Sports; Hon. Wasiu Isiaka, the Commissioner for Transportation, Engr. Olugbenga Dairo and the Ogun State Permanent Secretary, Dr Qudus Adegboyega Yusuf, aimed to strengthen the execution of the Gateway Skills Programme, a multifaceted initiative designed to empower 100,000 Ogun State youths. 

With a vision to equip SMEs and youths with essential digital skills and resources, the programme encompasses digital literacy, entrepreneurship training, finance access, mentorship, job placement, and income generation opportunities.

The dialogue between GFA co-founders and the Commissioners underscored the collaborative efforts essential for driving impactful change within the Gateway community. Recognizing the pressing need to bridge the skills gap and enhance economic prospects, both parties expressed their commitment to synergizing resources and expertise. 

During a conversation with the Commissioner for Youths & Sports, Hon. Wasiu Isiaka, Debo Omololu, the Co-founder and CEO of GFA Technologies, highlighted the core objective of the Gateway Skills Program, which is to create jobs. “The gap from what our partners have is about 10 million open remote jobs”, he said. The Commissioner expressed his satisfaction with the initiative and emphasized the need to invite youth organizations to sensitize them to the Program, ensuring that more people can benefit from it.

Addressing the need to facilitate the program’s crucial physical training sessions, the Commissioner for Transport, Engr. Olugbenga Dairo, along with the Co-founders, deliberated on providing easy transportation for participants so that they could attend the digital training and skills program with enough convenience. 

During the concluding meeting with the Permanent Secretary to the Ogun State Government, Dr Qudus Adegboyega Yusuf, he expressed his satisfaction with the Gateway Skills Program and added that he has always been interested in its concept. He further proposed taking the Gateway Skills Program further by training people in handiwork skills, enabling easy and stable income amongst the Ogun state residents. 

These meetings exemplify the collaborative efforts between GFA Technologies and the Ogun State Government, demonstrating a shared commitment to driving socio-economic development and fostering empowerment within Ogun State. Through aligning resources, expertise, and vision, both parties aim to unleash the full potential of the Gateway Skills Programme, promising a brighter, more prosperous future for all Ogun State indigenes and residents.

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