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GetFundedAfrica (GFA) and Tech4Dev Partner to Unlock Internship Opportunities and Industry Experience 

GetFundedAfrica (GFA) and Tech4Dev, a not-for-profit organization, have formed a strategic partnership to mutually benefit and foster the growth of tech-focused training initiatives for young individuals throughout Africa.    

Through this collaboration, GetFundedAfrica and Tech4Dev will collaborate in providing valuable opportunities for their program graduates. Selected graduates will be placed in enriching six-month internships with GetFundedAfrica and various startups across the continent. This initiative aims to nurture talent, empower the youth, and cultivate a thriving ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.

GetFundedAfrica is a cloud-based tech platform uplifting African individuals and economies through technology, learning, and telling African startup stories. Tech4Dev, on the other hand, is an Ed-Tech organization using technology to advance sustainable human capital development in Africa. 

It is worth noting that the African tech scene has experienced remarkable growth and development in recent years, with numerous startups and innovative solutions emerging globally. However, one critical challenge that persists is the need for well-trained talent.  

The need for more skilled professionals can impede progress and hinder the full potential of Africa’s tech ecosystem. To address this, it is essential to focus on talent retention and invest in providing internship opportunities that can help nurture and enhance the African tech workforce. The partnership between GetFundedAfrica (GFA) and Tech4Dev will play a significant role in tackling this challenge. 

By offering six-month internships to program graduates, this partnership directly contributes to talent retention and development. The internships provide a practical platform for the graduates to apply their acquired skills, gain real-world experience, and further enhance their capabilities. This hands-on exposure to the tech industry, coupled with the opportunity to work with GetFundedAfrica and startups, not only imparts valuable skills but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth.  

The shortage of well-trained talent in the African tech industry has significant consequences that hinder technological advancements. It leads to a brain drain phenomenon as talented individuals seek opportunities abroad, draining the local talent pool and hindering indigenous innovation. Reliance on external talent also poses financial burdens on organizations.  

To achieve sustainable growth and innovation, it is crucial to retain talent within the African tech ecosystem. Nurturing local talent allows for a deep understanding of local contexts and challenges, leading to solutions that effectively address the unique needs of African markets. Internship opportunities play a vital role in building a strong talent pool by providing hands-on experience, mentorship, and networking opportunities that foster collaboration and drive the growth of the tech sector. 

It is worth noting Tech4Dev has successfully collaborated with various corporate organizations, including Microsoft, and aims to expand its reach to 22 African countries by the end of the year.   

The previous cohort organized by Tech4Dev attracted participants from 15 African countries, and 847 ladies successfully graduated from the program. The training provided by Tech4Dev covers several key tech areas, including Product Design (UI/UX), Data Analysis, Cyber Security, Mobile App Development, and AI Machine Learning.   

To enhance their program’s effectiveness, Tech4Dev has partnered with GFA to explore the possibility of partnering with them. 

Speaking about the partnership, Grace Oluwalola, the Chief Operations Officer at GetFundedAfrica said,   “Through this partnership, we aim to empower the African youth by providing them with valuable internship opportunities across the continent.”

 In a LinkedIn post, Tech4Dev also expressed their excitement and dedication towards the partnership. 

“We are thrilled to announce that we have officially signed an MOU with GetfundedAfrica. This partnership will serve as an intermediary between us and several startups and organizations, resulting in an increased number of job opportunities for our beneficiaries. The prospects arising from this partnership have us filled with excitement and anticipation. We are eager to witness the amazing opportunities that will unfold as a result of this collaboration.”  

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