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ODBA 2022 Review: Investing in Visionary Founders and Game-Changing Startups Who Use Technology to Create Improbable Stories

ODBA is thrilled to announce the addition of five new portfolio companies to its roster during the year 2022. These companies, operating in diverse sectors such as fintech, edtech, logistics, marketplace, and health tech, are led by innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs who are tackling real-world problems with revolutionary solutions.

“We are elated to welcome these exceptional companies to our portfolio,” said Gbite Oduneye, Managing Partner of ODBA. “Each one represents a unique opportunity to drive impactful change and we believe they will continue to make a lasting impact in their respective industries.”

Despite the challenges posed by Inflation and Geopolitics, our portfolio companies have persevered and achieved remarkable success.

In addition to the new portfolio companies, ODBA mentioned that 30% of its entire portfolio investments have been in women-led startups. “We believe in the power of diversity and recognize that supporting women-led startups is vital to driving innovation and fostering a more equitable future,” Gbite added.

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, ODBA’s portfolio companies have shown remarkable resilience and achieved significant success. The team at ODBA is honoured to have played a part in their triumphs and looks forward to continuing to support them as they scale and reach even greater heights in the years to come.

“As we move into 2023, we maintain an optimistic outlook for the future,”

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