HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 for African Startups ($10m Prize)

The HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition are for Entrepreneurs.).

The competition invites top investors, famous mentors, and leading entrepreneurs to provide all-around entrepreneurial guidance and acceleration, to continuously empower entrepreneurs in Beijing by providing a full range of “Beijing Services” such as talent settlement, children’s education, healthcare, designated apartments, etc.

It aims to build a multi-level, multi-dimensional, and diversified international entrepreneurial model, seeking high-quality startups worldwide, and facilitating entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses in Beijing

The Competition is focused on 7 Tech Areas:

AI/VR/FinTech: AI Foundation Layer, AI Technical Layer, AI Scenario Application, FinTech, General Technology, VR, Others

Medicine & Healthcare: Modern Medicine, Medical Devices, Medical Services, Drug R&D and Manufacturing, Biotechnology, and Others

New Generation Information Technology: Communication Networks, Industrial Internet, Network and Information Equipment, Emerging Software Development, Integrated Circuit, Network, and Information Security Services, Others

High-end Equipment: Scientific Instruments and Sensors, Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment, Rail Transit Equipment, Intelligent Vehicles, Aerospace Equipment, Marine Engineering Equipment, Others

New Energy / New Materials / Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection: New Energy Products and Technology, Power battery, New Material, Carbon Neutrality, Energy Conservation, Environment Protection, Resource Recovery, and Comprehensive Utilization, Others

Cultural Creativity: Online Education, Cultural Entertainment (Movie, Game, Trendy Toys and etc.), New Retail, Industrial Design, Others

AgriTech/FoodTech: New AgriTech, FoodTech and Product Safety Traceability, New Logistics, and Supply Chain, Others

Who is Eligible?

You are a tech-based startup founder who wishes to do business in China by landing in Beijing.

You have not registered any company in Beijing yet or with companies registered in Beijing after Jan 1st, 2023 (Jan 1st, 2023 included).

If you have already registered any company in Beijing during the last 10 years, please reach out to Carol Chen PKU separately without participating here.

Article Source: After School Africa

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