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GFA Spotlight: AfrInvest Limited

AfrInvest Limited is a leading wealth advisory firm based in West Africa that mainly focuses in five areas: investment banking, securities trading, asset management, trusteeship, and investment research. 

Godwin Obaseki founded the company in 1995 as Securities Transaction and Trust Company Limited (“SecTrust”). Over the years, SecTrust has evolved into a respected research, brokerage, and asset management firm, and it now has a close relationship with its London-based partner, Afrinvest (UK) Limited, an investment banking firm regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. 

This phase of business restructuring was completed in December 2005, with SecTrust renamed Afrinvest (West Africa) Limited. Following a business restructuring in 2005, SecTrust merged with Afrinvest (UK) Limited’s Nigerian-based corporate finance business (Afrinvest Nigeria Limited) to form a stronger business entity with a more internationally recognised corporate identity, renamed Afrinvest (West Africa) Limited.  

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The company restructured its operations in 2012 by establishing two subsidiary companies, Afrinvest Securities Limited (ASL) and Afrinvest Asset Management Limited (AAML), which function as the company’s broker-dealer and fund manager licencing, respectively. 

The company now has Donald Lawson as the Chairman and Oniose Onaghinon as the Chief Operating Officer.  

Over the past 18 years, AfrInvest (West Africa) has built a track record of executing transactions in its primary areas of business, and it takes pleasure in:  

  • Thorough knowledge of the Nigerian market, business communities, and regulatory environment. 
  • Careful, fact-based analysis and recommendations. 
  • Complete corporate independence and discretion. 
  • The delivery of innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. 

To date, the company has actively participated in a number of corporate finance transactions in Nigeria. 

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