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Bridal, Brand, Cinematic, Clinical…: 8 Types of Make-up Artists

Mirror, mirror on the wall; beauticians’ roll call.

Behind the stunning looks you encounter on TV or at weddings, in editorials or photoshoots, on celebrities or on the runway are the talented hands of different types of make-up artists. The vast, breath-taking world of beauty and its make-up artistry segment boast various types of make-up artists, specializing in different areas to create certain looks for particular kinds of clients. Each type of make-up artist possesses unique skills in make-up artistry that enable them to succeed in his/her chosen beauty genre.

From wedding make-up artists to those specializing in gore and blood (special effects) in the movies, these beautifying experts come in varying shades, shapes and sizes. Before now they worked behind the scenes to glamorize their subjects. But the changing times have propelled them front and centre as a crucial piece of the elaborate facial beauty jigsaw, firmly entrenching them as mini-celebrities in their own right!

Here are eight distinct types of make-up artists in the beauty world. They continue to validate the billion-dollar, make-up industry as a flourishing field, replete with worthwhile job paths for individuals creatively adept with make-up items.

Bridal make-up artist
Wedding make-up artists are probably the most popular in Africa and tend to be the most lucrative area of the make-up industry. Bridal make-up artists cater to brides and their bridal entourages on their big day. They create looks according to the personal preference of the bride as well as the theme and colour scheme of the wedding ceremony.

Beauty brand make-up artist
Resident make-up artist. In other words, this type of make-up artist is attached to and staff of beauty companies and/or brands, responsible for promoting the brand and exposing the uniqueness and potential of the products on every available platform – photoshoots, make-up shops, and so on.

Body and face painting make-up artist
The work of this type of make-up artist appears on the face – clowns, children’s face painting – and on the body as tattoos, temporary or permanent, or designed to suit the client’s preference. The entire human body and face consist the canvas of these make-up artists. They use make-up and paint to create vivid and elaborate looks for their clients. Other forms of this make-up artistry include festival art, fine art, temporary tattoos, body paints, body marbling, and hand art.

Cinematic make-up artist
In the hands of cinematic make-up artists lie the gorgeous and gory sides of make-up artistry. This type of make-up artist creates looks for television, film and the theatre, especially those that can withstand harsh light settings. Their gorgeous side emerges when prettying up actors/actresses/on-air personalities/anchors while working on tv shows, stage productions or in the news world. Their other side comes to bear when they transform their subjects into various personalities as well as produce make-believe gruesome and misshapen images for shows/films in the thriller, sci-fi, horror or fantasy genres. This form of make-up artistry is known as special effects (FX) make-up. Artists who excel in this field usually have training in both basic and FX make-up artistry.

Clinical make-up artist
These make-up artists can be found in hospitals, plastic surgery clinics, dermatology centres or anywhere their specific skills are required. Clinical make-up artists employ make-up to help individuals conceal scars due to the effects of chemotherapy, accidents, surgeries, burns or birthmarks. Their work enables their clients to look as normal as possible and feel less insecure about their appearance.

Fashion make-up artist
Make-up artists in the fashion industry can be found producing the stunning and one-of-a-kind looks found on runways/fashion shows and photoshoots. They have the skills to prepare people (mostly models) for photography and to walk down a fashion ramp. Unlike some of their contemporaries who work alone in other areas of make-up artistry, fashion make-up artists collaborate with other fashion experts such as creative directors, photographers, and designers to birth an artistic vision.

Personal make-up artist for A-listers
For this type of make-up artist, s/he is laser-focused on only one client – a celebrity client – who commands all of their attention because of the client’s constant exposure to the public; it could be live at events, on social media, on TV and anywhere else that the world has access to. The personal make-up artist for a-listers is a full-time hire and at the beck and call of his/her sole client.

Special occasion make-up artist
For this type of make-up artist, special occasions include red carpet events, family photoshoots, weddings, award ceremonies, corporate events, galas, etc. Special occasion make-up artists transform their clients with spectacular looks aimed to dazzle and stand out for the duration of the event.

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