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GFA Attract (Entrepreneur's Edition) Interview With Victor Boyle-Komolafe

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Victor Boyle-Komolafe, the co-founder of Garbage In, Value Out (GIVO), a system that automates and digitises the collection, processing, and sale of recyclable materials.

GIVO leverages technology to collect recyclable material directly from individuals, families and businesses and to process these materials into consumer and industrial goods.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Process digitization through use of IoT technology 
  • Value addition by manufacturing finished & semi finished products from recyclables collected. 
  • Community based advocacy, engagement & training. 
  • Youth & women led franchisee business model 
  • Geo-tagging of all activities for material traceability. 
  • Off grid renewable energy to power all our activities.

Profile: Victor Boyle-Komolafe

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