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Healthy Travel Tips for Business Travels

Start Your Day With Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Have a healthy brekkie and fill your tummy with nutritious food to get the necessary energy, recalibrate your blood sugar. A healthy breakfast will boost your mood and get you ready for a busy day with meetings and travels.

Choose the healthy stuff on the buffet and fill a bowl with fresh fruit, granola, and nuts. If you like more of a “full breakfast,” choose eggs with whole wheat toast and warm vegetables.

Drink Water Regularly and Choose Sealed Bottles

Not all countries have the luxury of safe, filtered tap water. Travelling might mean there is no drinkable tap water and, therefore, it is better to avoid the local drinking water or ice cubes. Luckily, most countries have pre-packed bottled water. If these are not available, carry some water purification tabs to dissolve and you will have drinkable water.

Always carry a water bottle with you. It makes it easier to drink water regularly and keeps you hydrated. Also read about how to make exciting non-alcoholic drinks.

Book a Hotel With a Gym

Exercise is, for many, the last thing they think of during travel, but it is a great way to start the day. It gets the adrenaline going and improves your focus and concentration. Well-known hotels have gyms for their guests. Even a small gym is good enough to get a proper workout as they will always have some weights, at least one resistance training machine, and some cardio equipment. Getting only a part of your usual workout is always better than doing nothing.

If your hotel has no gym, there is surely a gym nearby. If not, there is always a chance to get outdoors to a park, the beach for a brisk walk or a short run session.


Hotel rooms are cleaned daily and shouldn’t be a problem, but travelling means that you will get exposed to germs and bacteria. Hand sanitizers and disinfectant products such as wipes will protect you extra. Wash your hands regularly, especially if you have to shake plenty of hands.

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Carry a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit doesn’t have to be large. A few bandages and antibacterial creams are basic and will help you with light injuries. Also pack a few aspirins just in case.

We don’t like to be sick when travelling, whether for business or leisure. It is always good to know the nearby pharmacies, international hospitals, and urgent care centers, especially if you have health issues.

Do Not Forget Your Medication

It is an obvious thing to pack but travelling can be stressful and medication is often forgotten.

Daily medication for conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety, high cholesterol, or diabetes can’t be skipped, even one dose. Make sure to have refills for all of your prescriptions and take extra just in case your trip gets extended for whatever reason.

Carry Sunblock and After Sun

It sounds crazy, but business trips also bring you to sunny, warm, and even exotic destinations. Even if you don’t have time to relax on a beach, being exposed to direct sunlight is never healthy and some protection is recommended. If you get to those sunny destinations, wear a hat and protect your skin with sunscreen. If your skin is very sensitive, carry some after sun or use Aloe Vera to soothe.

Relax On Time

A business trip is usually well packed with meetings, dinners and reporting back to those in the office. Some might see it as a bit of a work holiday, but those who are often on the road know better. It is stressful and your body needs to adjust to jet lag, long hours, different time zones and also stress. Finding time to relax and a good night sleep is helpful to stay on top of those. There are a few ways to get your body to relax.

  • Practice yoga or meditate while in your hotel room.
  • Make use of your hotel’s sauna or steam room.
  • Book a massage.
  • Make it a habit not to check the phone, tablet, or laptop before bedtime.
  • Create habits and try to sleep each night at the same time.
  • Dim lights, it will relax your eyes after all the screen time during the day.
  • If you have time, explore the city and walk around for one afternoon or evening. It’s exercise at the same time!

This is a feature article by Yannick and Ilse, long-term expat cooks who launched Culinary Ambition to share their passion for food and travel. They are members of our community and contribute a monthly column called “Healthy Treats” on how entrepreneurs can live a healthy lifestyle.

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