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Easy-to-Carry Healthy Travel Snacks

Travelling always needs some kind of organization. At times it is pretty relaxed, and at other times it is hectic, but there are ways to avoid stress when planning and preparing ahead. When it comes to healthy snacks, choose as many foods as possible that you already like and eat at home, and focus on those healthy travel snacks that are easy to carry with you.

Airports and waiting halls at ports, train stations, and bus stations are no longer zones with only junk food. Because healthy options are becoming more popular, shops and restaurants must upgrade their menus and provide better food options to fuel travelers. Here are some tips for healthy travel snacks.

Take Food From Home

Those who read more articles from us know that we like to pack food before travelling. Some nuts and fruit are easy to grab and take along. Take foods high in fiber and healthy fats to keep you full for longer during long flights or train rides.

Breakfast To Travel

Early flights are the most dangerous when it comes to grabbing fast food, and getting into the closest donut shop on the way to the gate is not an excuse! Instead, prepare breakfast the night before and pack a boiled egg, cream cheese with a bagel or some dried fruits.


Fruit is, in general, a good option. They are low-fat and low-calorie, and most have plenty of vitamins and a high-water content, which helps against dehydration. Apples, oranges, and bananas are the most common fruits that travel well and don’t bruise easily when handled with care.

You can also choose more exotic fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, or dragon fruit. These can be cut in advance and taken in a container. You can even make a fancy salad with cheese.

Cheese Salad/Culinary Ambition


Nuts won’t be enough to feed you throughout a long-haul flight, but they are easy to carry as they are usually available in individual portions. One such portion is just perfect to nibble on while waiting for a connection or having the need to munch on something. Don’t forget that nuts are healthiest when not salted, and they should be consumed with moderation.


Yoghurt is another easy, portable snack to pack. Overall, it is a wise choice, but non-sweetened ones are the healthiest. A portion of yoghurt contains protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins, and important probiotics to aid with digestion. Add some pre-cut fruits and it becomes a snack that will keep you full for longer.


Oatmeal might be seen as a breakfast food only, but it will carry you through any time of the day when you feel hungry. It is easy to prepare in advance and, topped with fresh or dried fruits and nuts, it is a delicious and filling snack. Nowadays, you can find it easily at airports too. Check out Starbucks outlets and other coffee shops that serve breakfast.


Whatever time of the day, sandwiches are always a good choice as long as you choose the right one. Whole wheat bread or wraps, lean meat, light fillings, healthy spreads, and a rainbow of vegetables are healthy. Avoid fillings with lots of mayonnaise and fat-laden cheese or bacon.

Sandwiches/Culinary Ambition


If you are “new” to healthy eating, salads are the easiest. However, to keep up this healthy habit, it is important to mix up flavors depending on the kind of salads you consume. There are many easy, delicious combinations available. Choose from Greek salad, tuna salad, or a green salad with goat’s cheese. Make or choose a light dressing with it and you will never think of fast-food again!

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Hummus or Spreads

Hummus and spreads are straightforward to make and easily available at supermarkets and health shops in convenient packaging. It is often available at airport restaurants as a snack with vegetable sticks. The perfect nutritious snack for lunch or dinner.


It can’t be said enough, and we will repeat it over and over again. As empty calories are available at every corner while waiting at the airport, water is essential. A sip of water will not only keep your calorie intake low; it will also stop your cravings for sodas, sweet sports drinks, and unhealthy snacks. Drinking water helps to hydrate and maintain energy levels. It nurtures your body and muscles, aids digestion, and keeps your skin glowing.

This is a guest article by Yannick and Ilse, long-term expat cooks who launched Culinary Ambition to share their passion for food and travel. They are members of our community and contribute a monthly column called “Healthy Treats” on how entrepreneurs can live a healthy lifestyle.

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