Egypt’s Stllr Partners Payoneer to Empower SMEs to Transact Globally

Stllr, a network of independent creators and boutique agencies based in Egypt, has formed a partnership with Payoneer, a financial technology company that enables global transactions, business operations, and growth for small and medium-sized businesses.

Launched in December 2021, Stllr reduces wasted costs in marketing departments and miscommunication with external vendors, offering companies a plug-and-play marketing model through experimenting with different campaigns like SEO, media buying, social media and more.

A network of independents in the Middle East, the startup connects quality independents with brands across the region. The partnership with Payoneer, which has built a global financial platform that allows SMBs to pay and get paid, manage their funds, and grow their business, will enable Stllr to make real-time settlement to their independents utilising Payoneer’s payment platform. 

The partnership also empowers Stllr Network independents to receive global payments for their services seamlessly and securely in multiple currencies from clients all around the Middle East, with lower conversion fees.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Payoneer to provide our community of independents with a secure, fast and compliant payment solution,” said Nouran Ghannam, CEO of Stllr Network. 

“This partnership is an important milestone in providing a trusted financial solution to our independents, enabling them to automate and scale the payments they receive. This will empower us to provide improved support to our community of independents and creators and enable us to support their business growth. With Payoneer’s global payment platform, Stllr Network will be able to make real-time settlements to our independents and they will be able to receive payments quickly and easily in the Middle East and Africa.”

Source: Disrupt Africa

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