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AITP 2023: Celebrating Technology Development in Abeokuta

The Abeokuta Innovation & Tech Party (AITP) transcended the boundaries of time and space, transporting participants to a realm where ancient traditions harmoniously merged with futuristic technology. Spanning across two extraordinary days, this groundbreaking event unfolded within the ancient city of Abeokuta, a rising star in Nigeria’s emerging technology landscape. Serving as a conduit for innovation, the AITP seamlessly blended the vibrant past with the limitless possibilities of the future.

In Abeokuta, driven by the theme “Innovation Knows No Bounds,” the AITP transported the city to a realm where its potential as a technological powerhouse had no limits. This extraordinary dimension brought together visionaries, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, igniting a digital revolution.

In a previous article, we explored the events. Now, let’s uncover what unfolded in the other halls.

Unleashing Edtech Potential

The session began with exhibitions by startups, showcasing their innovative ideas and solutions. Multiple rounds of exhibitions were held throughout the day, allowing these startups to demonstrate their products. 

One of the topics discussed was “Scaling Edtech Solutions: Examining strategies and models for scaling successful edtech initiatives across Africa.” The speakers shared insights and strategies for expanding and replicating successful edtech ventures across the African continent. 

Sir Muyiwa Gbamgose ,Chief Executive Officer of Orion Edutech Africa

“One key takeaway for me was the need for collaboration and partnerships within the edtech ecosystem. By working together with government, educators, and technology experts, we can create comprehensive solutions that address the diverse educational challenges across Africa.”  Pelumi Ilo- Attendee of the event

He further said “I appreciated the emphasis on user-centric design in edtech solutions. Understanding the unique needs and contexts of African learners is crucial for developing effective and culturally relevant platforms. It’s about creating a personalized and engaging learning experience.” 

“The event showcased inspiring success stories of edtech initiatives that have scaled across Africa. Hearing about their challenges, lessons learned, and the impact they have made on learners’ lives was incredibly motivating. It reaffirmed my belief in the transformative power of technology in education.” 

Another topic addressed was “Nigerian Tech Talent and the Brain Drain called Japa,” which explored the issue of talented Nigerian tech professionals leaving the country in pursuit of better opportunities. The impact of this brain drain on the local tech industry was discussed. 

During this discussion it was concluded that we must strategically invest in cultivating a flourishing local tech ecosystem which Getfundedafrica is already doing, that not only magnetizes but also retains our exceptional pool of skilled professionals. This entails nurturing an environment conducive to innovation, offering ample funding avenues, enhancing infrastructure, and enacting policies that champion the expansion of tech startups. Through these concerted efforts, we can effectively reverse the exodus of talent and position Nigeria as a thriving hub for tech expertise, groundbreaking innovation, and sustainable economic prosperity.

There was a presentation focused on “The integration of online and offline learning modalities to overcome infrastructure limitations and maximize the benefits of edtech in African educational settings.” This presentation likely highlighted the importance of combining online and offline learning methods to leverage the advantages of educational technology in regions with infrastructure challenges. 

Apart from these discussions, there were more exhibitions by startups, allowing them to showcase their products and innovations to the attendees. 

The speakers included: 

Exploring Alternative Frontiers in Healthtech and Agritech

Buzzed with activities focused on Healthtech/Agritech. The event started with a series of exhibitions by startups showcasing their innovative products and services. This was followed by another round of exhibitions by startups. 

During the event, participants delved into various topics. One discussion centered around the post-Covid era and whether alternative medicine holds the key to the future.  

Vincent lee (Middle) an Investor from Adaverse with Participants of the AITP

“In contemplating the post-Covid era, the notion of alternative medicine holding the key to our future demands a thoughtful response. While alternative therapies offer diverse perspectives and potential benefits, it is imperative to approach the subject with a discerning mindset. Brilliantly navigating this discourse necessitates a comprehensive understanding of evidence-based practices, rigorous scientific inquiry, and the integration of holistic principles into our healthcare systems. By embracing a collaborative and open-minded approach, we can harness the power of both traditional and alternative medicine, forging a path towards a future where health and wellness thrive harmoniously.”  One of the speakers

The importance of combating counterfeit medications was also emphasized, highlighting the need for pharmaceutical transformations. 

Additionally, the event addressed health equity and the significance of nutrition in making it accessible to all. Telehealth innovations were explored as a catalyst for change in the healthcare industry. 

The event concluded with closing remarks by a speaker. Notable figures who participated in the event included :  

Innovations For a Greener Future.

Various topics were discussed in the Logistics/Supply Chain field. Startups had exhibitions showcasing their innovations in logistics and supply chain. 

Gbite Oduneye Founder/General Partner, ODBA

One of the topics covered was “Eco-friendly Leader: Zero Emission Delivery,” which emphasized the importance of reducing emissions in the delivery sector. During this discussion one of the esteemed speakers eloquently stated,

Zero Emission Delivery represents a pivotal moment in our collective pursuit of sustainability. It embodies the transformative power of innovation, where responsible logistics practices intersect with environmental stewardship. By adopting this eco-friendly approach, we not only mitigate the environmental impact of deliveries but also pave the way for a greener, more resilient future. It is a testament to the fact that progress and sustainability can go hand in hand, enabling us to build a world where generations to come can thrive without compromising the planet we call home.”   

Another speaker passionately proclaimed,

“Zero Emission Delivery holds the key to unlocking a future where every package carries more than just goods—it carries hope. By embracing sustainable technologies and practices, we embark on a transformative journey that transcends mere logistics. We become catalysts for change, weaving together the threads of environmental responsibility and economic prosperity. Each zero-emission delivery becomes a testament to our commitment to preserving the planet and fostering a better tomorrow. Let us seize this opportunity, united in our pursuit of a greener, cleaner, and brighter world.” 

The rise of on-demand mobility and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) was also discussed. 

The sessions explored the impact of technology and innovation on logistics and supply chain management. Disruptive technologies were highlighted, focusing on their potential to revolutionize the shipping industry. The role of diversity and inclusion in the supply chain was also addressed, emphasizing the need to raise consciousness in this area. The day concluded with more exhibitions by startups. 

  • Marv Gbenro-CEO of Jise.ng 
  • Kwame Ugoji-Chairman of Pan Africa Global Logistics 
  • Muyiwa Olaitan-CEO of GroShoppa 
  • Yemi Osinubi-CEO of Helf Africa 
  • Chichi Arinze-CEO of AutoGirl 

Investors Lounge  

The Investor’s Lounge was a bustling event with various sessions and discussions led by industry experts. The day started with networking opportunities, allowing investors to connect with each other. The opening keynote titled “Turning Points, The Silver Lining” set the tone for the event, exploring the positive aspects amidst challenges. 

Pastor Samson Odegbami, Lead Pastor, The Radiating Church, Abeokuta

One of the panel sessions focused on the private market space, specifically discussing innovative investment models. Experts shared their insights on navigating grants and venture capital funding for startups, emphasizing the synergy between non-dilutive and dilutive financing options. 

During the session, one of the speakers said

“In today’s competitive startup ecosystem, it’s crucial to explore the synergies between non-dilutive and dilutive financing options. It’s like blending the best of both worlds, leveraging grants to fuel innovation and venture capital to scale it to new heights.”  

A roundtable discussion delved into the topic of startup re-valuation in Africa, along with the current scenario of tech stocks experiencing a decline. The participants explored whether 2023 still held promise for both venture capitalists and startups. 

During the community sharing segment, GFA (Invest with GFA) took the stage to share their perspectives on investment opportunities. This was followed by the highly anticipated Startup Open Mic session, where entrepreneurs presented their ideas in the hopes of finding the next unicorn. 

The event concluded with an open networking session, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded investors. 

Speakers in the event included : 

Master Class 

William Phelps, Investment Manager, Adaverse

The Masterclass covered a range of topics and featured several prominent speakers. It began with a session on “Blockchain Fundamentals: For Non-Technical Professionals and Executives,” where participants learned about the basics of blockchain technology without requiring technical expertise. 

Next up was a presentation titled “Pitch IOX Better: Startup to Unicorn,” which aimed to provide insights and strategies for improving startup pitches and transforming them into successful unicorn ventures.  

The third session, titled “Raise it Right: Turn into a Fundraising Rockstar,” delved into the art of fundraising and offered valuable tips and techniques for becoming a standout fundraiser.  

The topic of “Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation” was explored in another session, emphasizing the importance of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and fostering innovation in various aspects of life and business.  

In an engaging session called “Build Your App in 60 Minutes: No Coding Required,” participants were guided through the process of creating an app without the need for coding skills, showcasing the possibilities available to non-developers. 

The Masterclass featured a diverse group of speakers:  

Join us at the Abeokuta Innovation & Tech Party (AITP) next year to experience the immense potential of Abeokuta as a technological powerhouse. Connect with visionaries, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the world, celebrating innovation and creativity. Immerse yourself in groundbreaking ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and forge meaningful connections. Discover limitless opportunities, expand your network, and be part of Abeokuta’s journey to becoming a global tech hub. Don’t miss out on this electrifying event! #AITP2024 

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