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Beyond Looks: 5 Health Benefits of Wearing Make-up

In 10,000 BC Egypt, the citizens relied on the health benefits of wearing make-up. Not just the aesthetic. Cosmetic ointments were used to clean their skins and douse body odours. Kohl protected the eyes from the glare of the sun and other health risks. Beautifying the face served much more than enhancing its features and making them noticeable.

But nothing beats the healthy advantage of a fresh, no-make-up face, you might argue.

This may be true, but sometimes nature needs a little help to appear more pleasing to the eye. Especially if that aid comes in packages that improve the overall quality of the human skin (primer), protect the face (foundation), leaves the skin healthy and hydrated (powder), and protect the lip (lipstick).

So, if you were previously unaware of the health benefits of wearing make-up, we have rounded up five below that we found.

Confidence enhancer: We have mentioned elsewhere in earlier articles that wearing make-up boosts feelings of self-esteem, particularly in people with deformities, scars, etc. In addition, wearing cosmetics can lead to a psychological side effect referred to as the lipstick effect in make-up artistry. It is a phenomenon which makes the wearer feel confident, more physically attractive, happy, and strong. Do you need a boost in your self-worth right now? Are you wearing make-up?

Protects your skin: Another health benefit of wearing make-up is the protection it offers to your skin. The blend of ingredients and pigments in cosmetic items can be “a vital part of a woman’s anti-aging and skin cancer prevention arsenal,” says a dermatologist, Dr. Philip Artemi. He also touches on an extra advantage of wearing make-up: looking younger, and vibrant. Beauty products can cover imperfections, aging spots, and other flaws to help you appear younger than you truly are.

Therapeutic: The routine of applying make-up can be therapeutic, comforting and allow for you-time, even if it is just 10 minutes daily. Self-care is something a lot of us are still trying to balance in a post-pandemic world as chaotic as ours. Putting on your face or having a make-up artist do it is one way to take time out for yourself. For as long as the process lasts, you can focus only on yourself. Relax. Breathe. Hear your thoughts. And take care of your mental health.

Cleanses your skin: Whatever you put on your skin must be taken off at some point, usually before bed. Make-up removal can entail a deep cleaning process. First, gently wipe your face with a make-up remover before washing it off with soap and warm water. These two acts help to take care of debris, impurities, and the extra oil on your skin, leaving you with clean pores. When you do this often, it can go a long way in maintaining healthy skin.

Allows you to experiment: Make-up is an art and you, as the artist, can express yourself however you feel. You can create different looks for yourself depending on your schedule or mood, and perfect the art as you go along. The option to experiment with make-up, to produce varied expressions, is one of its fun aspects.

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