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Are These the Make-up Trends of 2023?

Mirror, mirror on the wall; what are the make-up trends for 2023? 

Last week, it was all about this year’s edition of the Beauty West Africa Exhibition, and how beauty connoisseurs converged under one roof to discuss the challenges, solutions, and opportunities in the beauty business. 

Today, there is no ignoring that December 2022 is afoot and smoothly counting down its days to a brand new year. We can not help but wonder: what make-up trends does 2023 hold for the industry? More of the same from this year and the last? Or bold, new trends? We can not help but wonder: what make-up trends does 2023 hold for the industry? More of the same from this year and the last? Or bold, new trends?  

Make-up Trends Between 2020 & 2022

Like certain clothes, some make-up trends have stood the test of time: the ’20s smokey eye, the winged eyeliner after the war, and the ’50s bold lip look. And they always bring oomph to the face. 

When the pandemic hit the world two years ago, the lockdown forced women to do their make-up or go bare-faced while working from home. 

Minimalism (also known as the natural look) became the go-to make-up trend.

By 2021, this seemingly default look existed with others. As the world slowly returned to some semblance of normalcy, so did women’s faces with the year’s trends of expressive eyes, balmy lips, glazed lids, negative-space liner, and natural foundation. 

2022 came with some spillover from the previous year as well as its trends in double-winged eyeliner, bold blush, blurred lips and eyeliner, two-toned eyeshadow, glossy lips, bold wine lips, and lower lash design, 

What Make-up Trends to Expect in 2023 

According to beauty experts, the coming year has glossy lips, graphic eyeliner, no make-up make-up, colourful eyeshadow, and super dewy among other predictions.

Ezine Alfa, founder BeautyinLagos and conference program organizer of Beauty West Africa, projects “a more natural look with fewer products on faces… it’s already happening… and it started as a consequence of Covid-19. Minimalistic is what I think it will be.”  

While Emilomon Marshall, Regional Manager, Ella Afrique, believes make-up trends of 2023 “will be all about dewy, healthy skin as a lot of people are into skincare, and also brands that incorporate technology, proven, science-backed technology in their products, I think that’s the future.” 

As unpredictable as the onset and aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic were in the world, it’s anyone’s guess what trends would carry over from this year into the next and what will be the in-thing of the make-up artistry world when another year rolls in. 

Regardless of the outcome, something tells us that women will either embrace or experiment with the make-up trends of 2023… or both.

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