Mozare, PayMeNow, Kola, Jabu, LaborHack, Exploradio, ReNile, Gooday, iSchool, Zamfara Among 40 WSA Winners 2022

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  • Nigeria’s ZamTracka and Laborhack are among the winners and will be recognized at the WSA Global Congress in front of an international audience.

Forty (40) solutions from 29 countries have been awarded by the World Summit Award (WSA) international jury meeting held in Jarkata, Indonesia weeks after an online Jury had been completed.

The Innovationbed heroes will receive their awards in the Government & Citizen Engagement and Inclusion and Empowerment categories at the WSA Global Congress from March 8-11 2023, Puebla, Mexico.

The WSA Global Congress is an international networking and learning event for those interested in the use of digital technology to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The winners of 2022 demonstrate how digital solutions decisively support societal challenges and assist to achieve the UN SDGs.

The agenda will be a compilation of interaction and inspiration, hands-on workshops, business blind-dates and inspiring keynotes, bringing together the global and multi-stakeholder network of WSA.

The Winners From Africa

Gooday On (Ethiopia)

GoodayOn provides open gig marketplace where matching is based on factors such as location, experience and quality of gig workers.

Gig workers are digitally vetted and verified when they join GoodayOn before they get market access. Read More

iSchool (Egypt)

iSchool is the MENA leading online coding platform for 6 to 18 years old students that offer 1:1 or 1:6 live coding classes in artificial intelligence, data science, game dev, VR, AR, helping them to start a tech-based career, freelancing, or even launch their own startups.

Read more

Zamfara (Nigeria)

The initiative strives to source out public data, use technology and creativity to simplify it and then provide unbridled access to it such that we create and entrench citizens engagement around government and governance.

Transparency is the building block of an inclusive and accountable society and in Zamfara, they are at the vanguard of this struggle for accountability in development. Read More

Exploradio (Naimibia)

Did you know that you are 20 times more likely to remember facts through storytelling?

Exploradio is your smart, invisible Namibian friend who is available 24/7 to tell you everything about Namibias cultures, languages, history, nature & animals! The audioguide app is the first and only of its kind for the Namibian market and will enhance your journey through Namibia with a variety of audio clips that make the country and its people come to life. Read More

Jabu (Naimibia)

Jabu powers the way small retailers, bars, and restaurants source, stock, and pay for their products. It is fully integrated in executing the last mile of distribution, payments, and merchandising for brands.

Customers can use its e-commerce app to place an order to restock their shelf, a Jabu Driver partner picks up their order at a Jabu Distribution Center and delivers it same-day, collects payment, and sometimes does a marketing campaign en-route for a brand! Read More

Kola (Ghana)

The Kola app helps SMEs digitize their entire sales and credit processes and records, and use Kolas digital marketplace to sell inventory. The data is used to predict when, what and how much to stock, and who to sell to as well as supporting practical sales activities to reach new customers.

Read More

ReNile (Egypt)

ReNile is a leading environmental solution and agritech company providing end-to-end solutions for smart farming using the internet of things (IoT) and water, air, and soil quality management. Their monitoring systems provide cutting-edge real-time online analytics that helps enhance production efficiency and reduce consumption of our customer farms. Read More

LaborHack (Nigeria)

Local skilled construction artisans (plumbers, carpenters, masons, etc.) have difficulty proving their value to customers. This is as a result of a lack of recognised certification.

Read More

Paymenow (South Africa)

Paymenow is a financial wellness and inclusion platform which lets you access your salary before payday! Paymenow DO NOT offer loans, they offer safe, secure and responsible access to money you’ve already earned. This means you do not have to pay back any money to Paymenow. All cash-outs/advances made on the platform is simply subtracted from your next salary. Read More

Mozare3 (Egypt)

Mozare3 is an AgTech startup based in Egypt aiming to build an exclusive digital community for farmers to provide full support for the agricultural and marketing process of their crops through specialized experts. Mozare3 aims to be the agricultural arm of food processing companies and the marketing & financing arm of small-scale farmers. Read More

The global pandemic specifically demonstrated the importance of digital solutions and this year’s winners are an excellent example of how digital solutions and applications can help protect the environment, support healthcare, provide inclusive and high-quality education, connect people and share relevant information.

The winning projects demonstrate the diversity and richness of digital content solutions globally.

“It is indeed with great honor to announce, with the powers bestowed on me as the Eminent WSA National Expert for Nigeria, the long-awaited results of the World Summit Awards 2022 edition and to share the good news that Nigeria won in 2 of the categories to become a contributor of 2 out of the 40 outstanding products declared world best in 2022.

Prof. Peter BruckWSA Chairman states;

More about the World Summit Awards:

The World Summit Awards were founded in 2003 by Austria in the framework of the UN World Summit on Information Society. WSA is a global initiative recognizing local digital content contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs.

WSA reaches digital entrepreneurs in 187 countries worldwide and provides a unique platform for everyone interested in purpose driven digital innovation. Through close cooperation with the United Nations agencies and strategic alignment with the UN SDGs, the WSA is a globally recognized quality seal for digital innovation.

In the wake of major social and political changes over the current pandemic, social entrepreneurs and digital innovators around the globe are taking bold steps to safeguard diversity, equity, and inclusion. Being a Member of the WSA Grand Jury, I have witnessed this first-hand. As became clear, there is no silver bullet. No single solution that can tackle the UN SDGs. Yet, in pushing ourselves to think outside the box and draw on the best empirical evidence that exists, the convening WSA applicants showcased promising evidence that we still have significant hope for the UN 2030 agenda. WSA Grand Jury process is the most democratic evaluation mechanism that is out there to compare and contrast Global Innovations representing all UN Member Countries. This is what I enjoy the most being a Member of the WSA Grand Jury.

Sachi Wickramage, WSA Grand Jury Member and National Expert of Australia

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