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Why Make-up Artists are Important in Society

Mirror, mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all?

Imagine a world without make-up artists. Would it be a drab landscape of monochromatic black or white? With the proverbial shades of grey wedged in between for good measure?

Definitely not.

The world possesses a variety of colors in nature and a huge helping of beauty as it is. However – and this is why make-up artists are important in society – make-up artists add significantly to the natural supply of the world’s splendor with their use of hues and shades. They have been relevant for almost as long as fairy tales existed, albeit operating behind the scenes. Only in recent decades have make-up artists gained prominence and moved center stage.  

With creativity, their talented hands transform and enhance the facial features on a human canvas – models, anchors, celebrities and others in the spotlight of a camera or a crowd of people. This is perhaps their first and foremost raison d’etre, why make-up artists are important in society.

These professionals can be found in nearly every facet of human endeavor. They hold personal, make-up artists positions to celebrities, and heavily ply their trade in the entertainment world as players in that sector tend to be under the scrutiny of the public eye often. They work with brands of beauty products in their shops. They perform their craft in the movies and the theatres, creating one fictional persona after another or make-believe gore and horror. In fashion shows they are present, producing eclectic and edgy expressions to complement avant-garde outfits.

They are behind the looks of breath-taking brides, flawless celebrities, TV/radio anchors, etc.

Make-up artists fill a need; the need for humans to look and feel beautiful. Perhaps not all of the time, but as often as possible. They pander to humankind’s vanity, another compelling reason why make-up artists are important in society. They also provide a job vacancy or ten, depending on the size and stage of their practice.

As much as they are recognized as facial beauticians constantly improving and altering, make-up artists are also adept at concealing with their toolkit. This aspect of their trade receives less attention than the glitz and glamour associated with them. It also reinforces why make-up artists are important in society. For they can cover birthmarks, scars, deformities and other abnormalities due to accidents or natural causes. Thus, giving their subjects back their confidence and self-esteem.

Make-up artists, as the name suggests, are artists in their own right; the work they do is regarded as a form of art. Take for instance the make-up artists in a fashion show. Their skills on models can evoke emotions ranging from appreciation to shock, according to the theme of the clothing line on display. Tattoo artists are another brand of make-up artists; they use the entire human body as its canvas. They practically ink vivid and elaborate patterns onto their subject’s body as instructed. Tattoo make-up artists often create works of art worthy of admiration and, at the same time, have a deeper meaning for their clients.

Every profession existing in a society is significant in one way or the other. Beyond the face beat, the above are but a few in which make-up artists are relevant in it.

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