GetFundedAfrica Partners with ISN for the 5th Annual Gathering: Unlocking Nigeria’s ICT Potential

The Nigerian tech ecosystem is abuzz with excitement as the 5th Edition of the ISN Annual Gathering approaches. With the theme “Unlocking Potential: Collaborating for Growth and Impact,” this year’s event promises to be a pivotal moment in the journey of Nigeria’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. GetFundedAfrica (GFA), a prominent partner in the event, has come forward with a generous contribution that will undoubtedly fuel innovation and growth.

Emphasizing the Power of Hubs

One of the key focal points of the ISN Annual Gathering is the recognition of the indispensable role played by tech hubs in driving Nigeria’s economic growth through the ICT sector. These hubs, spread across various geopolitical zones of Nigeria, have been instrumental in nurturing startups, fostering innovation, and creating a conducive environment for tech entrepreneurship to thrive.

Location Matters: Abuja as the Host City

In an effort to reflect the geographical diversity of ISN member hubs and promote inclusivity, the 2023 Annual Gathering will be held in Abuja. This choice of location not only showcases the commitment of ISN to engage with hubs across Nigeria but also highlights the growing significance of the nation’s capital in the tech landscape. Co-hosted by member hubs in Abuja, the event promises to provide a unique and dynamic perspective on the state of tech innovation in the country.

Three Days of Insight and Interaction

The three-day event is set to be a comprehensive immersion into the world of tech innovation in Nigeria. It will include an Annual General Meeting, where key stakeholders will deliberate on the future direction of ISN and the tech ecosystem. The Annual Gathering itself will feature thought-provoking discussions, keynote addresses, and panel sessions that delve into the theme of collaboration for growth and impact.

A Tour of Abuja’s Innovation Ecosystem

One of the highlights of the event is a guided tour of Abuja’s innovation ecosystem. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit coworking spaces, incubators, and tech startups in the city. This tour will not only showcase the vibrancy of Abuja’s tech scene but also provide valuable networking opportunities.

GFA’s Generous Contribution

GetFundedAfrica (GFA), a partner of the ISN Annual Gathering, has stepped up with a meaningful contribution. GFA will provide a one-month free subscription to their FundRaiserCRM for the ten shortlisted startups set to feature in the Deal Room/Pitch Event. For the remaining 500+ startups and entrepreneurs who applied to the Call for Applications and others within the ISN community, GFA will offer an upgrade to their FundRaiserCRM subscriptions, moving them to the Premium Plan if they subscribe to the Standard Plan. This exclusive offer is available to the first 100 startups and entrepreneurs from the ISN community who subscribe, and it aims to empower these budding businesses to optimize their fundraising efforts and build strong investor relationships.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with FundRaiserCRM

GetFundedAfrica’s FundRaiserCRM is a powerful tool designed to help entrepreneurs and startups streamline their fundraising campaigns, manage investor relationships effectively, and secure the funding needed to grow their businesses. By providing this software to startups, GFA is contributing to the growth and sustainability of the tech ecosystem in Nigeria.

As the 5th Edition of the ISN Annual Gathering approaches, the excitement is palpable. With the theme of collaboration, the inclusivity of hub representation, and the generosity of partners like GetFundedAfrica, the event is poised to catalyze significant growth and impact in Nigeria’s ICT sector. This gathering promises to be a pivotal moment, uniting stakeholders and tech enthusiasts alike in their shared vision of a thriving Nigerian tech ecosystem.

As Nigeria continues to assert its presence on the global tech stage, the ISN Annual Gathering stands as a beacon of hope, collaboration, and boundless potential for the future of tech in the nation.

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