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How to Raise Capital for Your African Startup in 2023

GetFundedAfrica (GFA) operates a cloud-based technology company focused on building software apps that make it easier for African businesses to grow, tell their stories and to get funded.

We built and rolled out, the first (1st ) African Startup Ecosystem platform that aggregates entrepreneurs, startups & SMES with investors (venture capital & angel investors), corporates, mentors and government.

The African funding landscape has changed vastly from 2022 to 2023, and we believe our role is crucial to continue providing support during this period. Indicators within the first 6months of 2023 show that startups need to become creative in accessing funding & sustaining their businesses via understanding the outlook from investors’ perspective, updated learning and investor readiness. 

Planned “Investor Readiness” has become crucial to successful fund-raising. Data (GFA Research & Feedback from founders that successfully fund-raised) shows startups can utilise up to 70% of their time fund raising without a structured approach, and the enabling tools & resources. This represents a significant challenge as they also need to manage their core business daily.

What GFA has decided to do to solve the “Access to Funding” problem for startups: 

1. Investor Finder App: We have just launched our revolutionary AI-powered Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed specifically for startups and emerging businesses. This cutting-edge CRM solution aims to transform how startups engage with investors, streamline fundraising efforts, and maximise the success of entrepreneurial initiatives across the continent. To subscribe click here . 

2. Investor Event Series: GFA has created a physical event series where we bring investors together to get their perspectives/opinions on trends & outlook for startup funding in Africa. Information from these events will help startups plan for the remainder of 2023 into 2024. Startups can get a recap of our most recent edition, themed “Overcoming the great reset in Africa” by Clicking Here. 

 3. Investor Readiness Course: will give you insights on how you can raise funds for your startup through venture capital. You get access to this self-paced course bundled (free) into the subscription when you pay for Investor Finder CRM access.  

4. Investor Article Series: Understanding the outlook and what it takes to become investor ready for fund-raising in 2023 has become more critical than ever. Over the next 2months in this article series, Venture Capitalists & Angels from within the GFA network will provide deep insights that can help startups in their fund-raising efforts. 

5. African Investor Survey: From our 1,000+ pool of investors in our data-base, GFA will capture information on trends, viewpoints and mindset of investors for the 2nd half of 2023. Use this information to position your startup for your investor readiness and fundraising over the next 1 year. 

6.  GFA Funding Ecosystem Report 2022/2023: This report tracks the funding activity of the African startup ecosystem, founders, startups and who funded them. Understand what verticals attracted funding and in which direction investors desire opportunities. 

7. GetFundedAfrica Marketplace: Investors get attracted to sustainable businesses that can grow. Activate opportunities for your core business in sales/revenue, new markets & customers by transacting on the GetFundedAfrica Marketplace, which digitally takes your business across Africa and beyond. Click Here to get on-boarded in 5 minutes; click here for a demo 

8. Access to Venture Debt: The rising maturity of African startups has encouraged a pipeline of Venture Debt providers within GetFundedAfrica’s network who understand the needs of startups. If you require funding without diluting your equity, Venture Debt could be meant for your company. GetFundedAfrica provides access to Venture Debt providers. 

About GetFundedAfrica 

GetFundedAfrica is a cloud-based technology platform that specializes in developing software that helps businesses raise funds, grow, and effectively tell their stories. Whether you want to raise funds ranging from $100k to $50m or you simply want to grow your business, sign up for free at  

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