Scaleway’s Startup Programme Welcomes Syca from Ivory Coast

Scaleway, a global provider of cloud infrastructure services, has chosen Syca, a fintech company based in Ivory Coast, to join its startup programme. This collaboration aims to accelerate Syca’s growth and extend its influence in the technology market.

Syca provides advanced payment and point-of-sale management solutions which simplify transactions and business operations while actively contributing to financial inclusion through alternative payment methods.

Scaleway, meanwhile, helps developers and businesses to build, deploy and scale applications to any infrastructure. Located in Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw, Scaleway’s complete cloud ecosystem is used by more than 25,000 businesses. 

By joining Scaleway’s startup programme, Syca will benefit from top-notch technical support and expertise. Scaleway offers robust, scalable, and reliable cloud infrastructure, along with agile development and deployment resources. This collaboration will enable Syca to optimise its products and services, enhance operational efficiency, and meet the growing demands of its customers. 

As a member of the programme, Syca will also gain access to a dynamic ecosystem of startups, mentors, and industry experts. This knowledge-sharing community will foster innovation, learning, and networking opportunities. Syca will be able to leverage valuable insights and establish strategic partnerships to support its growth. 

“We are thrilled to join Scaleway’s startup programme,” said Mohamadou Diop, president at Syca. “This  collaboration provides us with an excellent opportunity to accelerate our development and strengthen our position in the market. We look forward to working closely with the Scaleway team and benefiting from their expertise and resources to continue delivering innovative solutions to our customers.”

Source: Disrupt Africa

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