Mara Partners with NITDA to Train 500,000 Government Employees on Blockchain Technology

Mara, a prominent technology firm specializing in blockchain, has partnered with Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and Circle, the creator of USDC and Euro Coin, to launch an ambitious initiative. The primary goal of this collaboration is to train 500,000 government employees on the intricacies of blockchain technology.

Mara Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Mara, is spearheading this initiative, aiming to equip Nigeria’s workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive innovation, economic growth, and workforce rejuvenation in the digital era.

On June 1, 2023, a significant milestone was achieved with the commencement of the first training session held in Abuja. NITDA managers actively participated, engaging in discussions that explored the role of blockchain technology in advancing Nigeria’s digital economy. Key topics covered included “The Role of the Blockchain Industry in Strengthening Nigeria’s Digital Economy” and “Policymaking and Regulations for the Blockchain Industry.”

The training session aimed to bridge knowledge gaps and enhance the capacity within NITDA, fostering a comprehensive understanding of blockchain’s potential benefits and its effective policy implementation in Nigeria’s digital economy. Emphasis was placed on blockchain’s ability to enhance efficiency, transparency, and security, highlighting NITDA’s crucial role in regulating and promoting its adoption.

Aishatu Yahaya Umar, Deputy Manager of the Software Unit in the IT Infrastructure Solutions Department at NITDA, expressed gratitude for the training session. She praised Mara for sharing valuable knowledge that empowers NITDA to explore blockchain’s potential in organizational processes, projects, and regulatory frameworks. Ms. Umar acknowledged Mara’s dedication and collaborative efforts with the government and other stakeholders to drive blockchain technology in Nigeria.

According to her, “Mara, as one of the blockchain stakeholders in Nigeria, through this initiative has proven to be a great supporter of driving the Nigeria digital economy agenda and we at NITDA are excited to be partners and beneficiaries of their laudable initiatives. We are convinced that by collaborating with government and other stakeholders within the space, the full adoption of blockchain technology in Nigeria is not far-fetched.”

Chi Nnadi, the Co-founder and CEO of Mara, expressed the organization’s strong dedication to collaborating closely with the Nigerian government to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in Nigeria and throughout Africa. Mr. Nnadi emphasized the significance of empowering Nigeria’s workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge in the digital era, as this would foster innovation and drive economic growth. Acknowledging the transformative potential of blockchain across different sectors, Mr. Nnadi stressed the importance of equipping government employees with this technology to establish a more efficient and inclusive government system, while also developing improved regulations.

The partnership involving Mara Foundation, NITDA, and Circle strives to establish a strong base for the extensive adoption of blockchain technology in Nigeria. Through the training of 500,000 government employees, the initiative aims to propel Nigeria to the forefront of the digital economy, serving as a model for other African nations to emulate. The ultimate goal is to inspire widespread blockchain adoption across the continent and position Nigeria as a leader in leveraging this transformative technology.

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