Mawingu, Rural ISP, Embarks on Expansion to 25 More Counties

Mawingu, a rural ISP based in Kenya, is expanding its network to reach an additional 25 counties in the country. This expansion follows the company’s successful Series B funding round, where it raised $9 million to support its nationwide growth. With an existing presence in 15 counties and a customer base of over 7,500, Mawingu has been actively connecting underserved towns that have been overlooked by larger industry players. These towns, including Kilifi, Kwale, Uasin Gishu, Bungoma, Kakamega, Kisii, and Migori, span various counties. With this latest expansion, Mawingu has now connected a total of 22 counties, bringing reliable internet access to more than 9,500 homes and businesses. As a result, Mawingu has become the leading ISP catering to rural areas in Kenya.

“Providing connectivity access to these areas which other providers do not give primary priority due to the high capital cost and logistical complexities involved in ensuring a stable, reliable and affordable service is in line with our long-term vision of offering meaningful Internet connectivity, at very competitive price points comparative to other service providers, by building sustainable, flexible infrastructure in underserved regions.” Mawingu’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Farouk Ramji says.

Mawingu, the rural ISP, offers its customers the opportunity to access unlimited and meaningful Internet for a monthly fee of KSh 2,500, which is significantly lower compared to the charges imposed by traditional 4G networks in the country. According to Mr. Ramji, the average data consumption for Mawingu customers stands at 8GB per day. On a conventional 4G network, this level of usage could result in monthly costs ranging from KSh 20,000 to KSh 30,000 for a 240GB data bundle. However, Mawingu customers enjoy the benefit of unlimited meaningful Internet access for just KSh 2,500 per month.

To further enhance its services, Mawingu has increased the minimum speeds across its Internet packages for residential and small business users. Moreover, the ISP now offers dedicated connections and services specifically designed for large enterprises. Additionally, Mawingu is conducting fiber testing in certain existing markets, with the aim of improving Internet quality in the upcoming months. By utilizing a combination of wireless and fiber technology, along with solar power, Mawingu effectively delivers affordable, reliable, and low-cost Internet services to its customers.

“Mawingu’s aim is not to simply drop an Internet cable at someone’s house. We seek to help our customers access new opportunities for work, education, entertainment, and social connections through the power of the Internet. Our company’s mission is driven by this very purpose: Open Opportunities.” Mr. Ramji said. 

During the final quarter of 2022, Mawingu underwent a rebranding process, which involved the introduction of a new logo, a revised set of company values, and a renewed mission. This rebranding effort aligns with Mawingu’s long-term vision of creating opportunities for customers throughout the region. The company has now positioned itself as a provider of high-quality Internet services at affordable rates. Furthermore, Mawingu aims to connect underserved regions that have never had access to reliable and meaningful Internet, emphasizing its commitment to bridging the digital divide in frontier areas.

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