Egyptian Sport Tech Startup InGame Sports secures $1M in Pre-seed Round

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  • InGame Sports, an Egypt-based gaming and sports-tech startup raised over USD 1 Mn in cash, in-kind resources, and grants in a pre-seed round led by Openner. The round also witnessed participation from multiple international sports names such as Sports Radar along with other Egyptian and foreign angel investors.

InGame Sports, an Egyptian gaming and sports technology startup has secured over $1 fund, in-kind resources, and grants in a pre-seed round spearheaded by Opener.

This global venture capital firm invests in early-stage technology companies and has a rare blend of capital and technology.

Several well-known international sports brands, like Sports Radar, and other Egyptian and foreign angel investors participated in the round.

According to Mohab El Tawila, managing partner of InGame Sports, InGame intends to offer cutting-edge entertainment worth to the region’s millions of football enthusiasts.

InGame is built to inspire and engage users in brand-new methods and experiences through fresh reward programs.

Football enthusiasts who have never before come together in the game industry are excited by InGame’s target incorporation of its stronghold in a number of ground-breaking interactive engagements.

Future plans for the firm include not only a focus on the Egyptian market but also on international expansion. Future add-on releases from InGame will utilize blockchain technology throughout all of its modules and be based on web3 infrastructure.

Additionally, the firm released a popular free-to-play football game in the area, and during the first three weeks of the launch stage, the game had over 17,000 downloads with an average session length of 3 minutes and 16 seconds.


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