Introducing Rally Cap Ventures New Partner: Kyane Kassiri

Tunisian-born Kyane Kassiri has recently joined the Rally Cap team as a partner. He will join the venture capital company’s mission to empower a portfolio of top-tier founders building the next generation of emerging market financial services.

About Kyane

He began with the coding and software building side of things, the use cases and business of technology proved to be a more exciting path as he would discover over several ideating and pitching endeavors for undergraduate hackathons.

His venture capital journey started in 2018 with Africinvest in Tunisia, followed by a move to Nigeria and discovered his mission: bringing anglophone, francophone and Arabian tech industries to enable the emergence of true pan-African giants.


He is a Global Leadership and Innovation Institute fellow at Indiana University (2018), the receiver of the $21,000 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (2015), an alumnus of the University of Missouri as part of the Global Undergraduate Scholarship Program (2014), and a Coca-Cola Global Business Institute scholar (2013).

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About Rally Cap Ventures

Rally Cap Ventures is the preeminent emerging market fintech fund and collective. Combining capital, operating expertise and networks into a collaborative investment community, Rally Cap empowers a portfolio of top-tier founders building the next generation of emerging market financial services. Since September 2020, they have done 40+ deals across Africa, Latin America and South and Southeast Asia. Their portfolio includes: Mono, Pngme, Termii, Stitch, RiseVest, Kaoun, Sudo, TechAdvance (Bloc), Kippa, Frain, Union54, Axis Pay, Cashi, Kuunda, Pivo, Bank54, Ceviant, Allawee, LatAm, Belvo, Minka, Cubo, Divibank, Pomelo, Dinie, Caliza, Boitas,, Passport, Rebill, ReWorth, Zenpli, Simetrik, Hackmetrix, Brick, SimpliFi, Pathao, Savyour, Loop, Gilded Finance, Abhi, Koshex.

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