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GFA Spotlight: Calendly 

The need for planning and scheduling software has significantly increased, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, which forced people to work remotely, requiring them to monitor their productivity as well as prompt and remind themselves of pending tasks. With these scheduling solutions, workers and even organizations can now access all their information, manage their schedules and appointments, maximize productivity, and conduct their operations smoothly. One of these efficient, time-saving scheduling software is Calendly.  


Calendly, according to their official website, says it is your hub for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails so you can get back to work.” 

The company was founded by Tope Awotona in 2013 at the Atlanta Tech Village, a co-working space for entrepreneurs. Just recently, Awotona got featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, on how he launched Calendly with his last card and even after three failed business conceptions. 


In 2016, the company began to turn a profit and raised $500,000. Later in 2019, the company continued to expand, with about one million active subscribers at the time and was thriving. However, as soon as the pandemic struck, its user base increased to almost 10 million as more people began to adopt remote working, with new users such as health workers, teachers, contractors, entrepreneurs, and freelancers now using the app. By 2021, the company’s subscription revenue had more than doubled to $70 million.  

Today, the company has over 10 million users, with large and credible organizations as their customers, and just last year, it raised $350 million in funding from OpenView Venture Partners and Iconiq Capital, valuing the company at $3 billion. 

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The Calendly software presents its users with a diverse range of options suitable for all preferences and provides a solution to any scheduling problem that is plausible. It has a free and premium version with different pricing plans that serve both large organizations and individuals. 

Calendly syncs with and checks availability across your other calendars, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and others, to prevent multiple reservations and other scheduling issues. It also lets you schedule and make yourself accessible for other sorts of meetings, such as one-on-one and group meetings, and sends email notifications when meetings are scheduled, changed, or cancelled. 

The software also lets you arrange meetings throughout the day, with meeting intervals of any duration (5, 10, or 15+ minutes) to give yourself a break between sessions. 

Constant upgrades and integrations are also being added to make the app seamless and help users execute their scheduling process with just a few clicks. 

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