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GFA Spotlight: ORDERIN 

“If it fits on a bike, we can deliver it” 

This phrase is openly written on the main page of Orderin, a B2B delivery-as-a-service start-up which we are highlighting this week. 

Orderin, South Africa’s first online food ordering platform, has just rebranded as a B2B delivery-as-a-service company, which encompasses offering end-to-end solutions to retail companies, including the technology required for developing the service and delivery execution. 

Dinesh Patel and Heini Booysen launched the South African start-up in 2012, and Thembani Biyam operates as CEO. The company launched its on-demand fast food delivery app in 2015 and continued to offer solely food delivery services until August 2020, when it rebranded and obtained a new model that includes placing more focus on delivering services for business infrastructure and logistics. 

The start-up now offers customer-facing solutions as well as specialized platforms, facilitating retailers to take their services online. It also provides businesses with access to their network of delivery drivers across every major South African city, housed under their AI-powered driver management platform. The integration of AI-powered solutions would also aid with tracking orders and assigning.

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This expansion will help the start-up target the larger e-commerce industry and service clients in food and beverages, retail, wholesale, pharmaceuticals, and other various industries in South Africa and even beyond. 

Orderin currently provides delivery services for the likes of McDonald’s and Pick n Pay, one of South Africa’s largest supermarket chains. It also has a headcount of over 100 team members and delivery opportunities for over 2000 people. 

Early this year, the company concluded a $4.7 million (R70 million) pre-series B investment round. The funding will help the company to expand its infrastructure and improve last-mile delivery, as well as offer a platform for all sorts of businesses to gain access to a wide range of low-cost eLogistics services to stay competitive and improve their operations. 

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