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GFA Spotlight: AfriBlocks 

Outsourcing specific tasks that you need to execute is one way to improve time management as an entrepreneur. The process of contracting or finding someone competent enough to undertake and complete the task may be demanding, which has resulted in the creation of online freelancing markets where you can hire remote freelancers to help complete your tasks and spare you time to focus on other essential things. AfriBlocks is one of these online marketplaces. 


AfriBlocks is a global Pan-African freelance network and marketplace of verified African freelance experts, replete with productivity tools and a secure payment system, that makes it simple to complete remote contract projects on a budget. The company also actively participates in the work being done for you through their project management team, which is delegated to oversee each project on your behalf. 

AfriBlocks, based in Zimbabwe with offices in Harare and Los Angeles, was founded in July 2020 by Tongayi Choto, CEO and co-founder, and Roger Roman, CMO.  

Financing the company has not been easy, as it has been for many other start-ups. They first had to depend on self-financing up to this point, when TechStars Seattle Accelerators, Transparent Collective, and Google for Startups backed them and provided funding and mentorship. 

AfriBlocks has registered over 8000 freelancers from across 7 African countries and has also completed over 250 jobs. The company is working to make it easier to execute tasks when outsourcing all while addressing the high unemployment rate that affects many African countries by making it easier for people to find work. 

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When a task is listed on its platform, the company says that the client saves time by not having to sift through hundreds of freelancer profiles and portfolios. Instead, they use automated techniques to match the user’s credentials with three freelancers. 

AfriBlocks also appoints a project manager to the selected freelancer, who oversees the project from start to finish. When the job is complete, AfriBlocks receives a service fee, and the funds are released from safekeeping. This guarantees that freelancers and clients maintain clear expectations and that deadlines are met. 

They also provide freelancers with community and development resources to help them continuously improve and stay competitive in a global marketplace. In order to build up the creative skills in their community, they have partnered with Pluralsight Skills, Ingressive for Good etc.  

In 2021, Google awarded the company a $100k as part of funds from the US Black Founders Fund. The company raised a total of $120k last year in their pre-seed round funded by two investors, TechStars Seattle and Techstars. 

Innovative digital freelancing marketplaces including such AfriBlocks are facilitating the hiring of African experts, providing startup founders and entrepreneurs with an easier way to outsource qualified talents, and substantially redefining the freelance space. 

To register as a freelancer or get a job done, visit their website.

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