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Market Research and Intelligence

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GFA tracks startup funding in Africa based, on our belief that venture capital provides a runway for the growth of startups/SME’s and has become essential to “uplifting Africa through entrepreneurship”.

In Africa, the Covid pandemic’s impact has affected societies ranging from ways of doing business to investor activity, and the crystallization of new startup opportunities despite the burden also created by the Virus on the continent’s economies.

We will provide regular data & information on the funding and investment activities in Africa, in this section of our Media platform.

The infographic summary covers the period January to June 2021, and reveals February as the most active (by value).

Both Information Technology & Financial Services investments together, account for over 50% of the data tracked during the period.

South Africa alone raked in over $500m and represents by value, the investment hot-spot on the continent between January and June 2021.

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