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Amped Innovation raises US$6mn working capital facility from EDFI ElectriFI

EDFI ElectriFI, an impact investment facility fund, will pour US$6mn revolving working capital facility to Amped Innovation, a company designing and supplying high efficiency, lower-cost solar home systems (SHS) and appliances for distributors across the world. US$4 million will come from EDFI EectriFI’s global facility and US$2mn from the Nigeria Country Window.

Amped Innovation focuses on solar equipment with integrated pay-as-you-go functionality such as high-performance lighting, televisions, cold-chain appliances, and DC-AC inverters. The company’s products offer high-quality, reliable technology solutions that are also affordable to low-income population segments.

Why We Invested: Amped Innovation - FINCA Ventures

Amped Innovation gained recognition through a number of technology awards; its solar water pump and solar fridge were named Global LEAP awards finalists in 2019, and it was awarded a US$219k R&D grant from Efficiency for Access for its continued innovation of off-grid refrigerators.

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“This working capital facility is the first such instrument offered by ElectriFI. By financing Amped Innovation’s working capital needs, our debt financing will allow the company to use its cash resources on research and development and other corporate needs,” Natalia Svarinska, ElectriFI senior investment officer at EDFI Management, explained.

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EDFI ElectriFI is collaborating with the government and the EU Delegation in Nigeria to accelerate renewable energy access in the country.

Amped also benefited from the advisory and facilitation services of the European program GET.invest.

 “The EDFI working capital facility will accelerate Amped’s deployment of energy access solutions into over 20 countries across Africa and Southeast Asia,” Andrea Kleissner, co-CEO at Amped Innovation, said.

“With each new customer order, Amped can draw on the EDFI facility to finance inventory purchasing. This cash availability is crucial – smoothing cash flow just when it is needed in the manufacturing production cycle,” concluded Kleissner.

The deal between the two parties is supported by Abuja, as well as the EU delegation in Nigeria. In addition to the working capital facility, the company is benefiting from the advisory and facilitation services of the EU’s GET.invest program, which aims to support private company investments in renewable energy.

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