Visa and MoneyHash Collaborate to Elevate Digital Payment Experience

What’s this about?

  • MoneyHash and Visa have joined forces to enhance digital payment experiences in the Middle East and Africa, leveraging Visa’s advanced payment solutions and global reach.
  • Through this collaboration, MoneyHash gains access to Visa’s suite of digital payment technologies, including network tokenization, to ensure secure and reliable transactions in today’s digital-first landscape.
  • The partnership signifies a significant milestone for both companies, as it aims to empower customers with innovative, secure, and seamless payment solutions in the evolving digital payment landscape.

Zoom in…

US-based Egyptian fintech MoneyHash, a pioneering force in the Middle East and Africa’s payments and revenue operations sectors, proudly announces its collaboration with Visa, a world leader in digital payments, to deliver secure and enhanced digital payment experiences.

Working with Visa enables MoneyHash to gain unparalleled access to Visa’s extensive suite of digital payment solutions and opens the door to providing sophisticated payment technologies such as network tokenization. It also allows MoneyHash to leverage Visa’s global reach, capabilities, and security – key elements in Visa’s mission to connect the world through an innovative, reliable, and secure payment network across MENA.

What they are saying…

Our collaboration with Visa marks a significant leap in our journey,” said Elena Panchenko, CPO of MoneyHash. “It empowers our customers to enhance their payment infrastructure, ensuring secure, fast, and reliable payment experiences. This is especially crucial in today’s digital-first world, where payment security is paramount.

Visa is thrilled to work with innovative platforms like MoneyHash, which contributes to the growing move to digital by providing a simplified process,” said Leila Serhan, Senior Vice President and Group Country Manager for North Africa, Levant and Pakistan region. “We thrive to empower our partners with the tools and resources necessary to provide secure and seamless payment solutions.”


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