Temporary Suspension of Withdrawals by Patricia Following Security Breach

Patricia, a platform for trading gift cards and cryptocurrencies, recently experienced a security breach. This breach led to the compromise of its bitcoin and naira assets. In a message to users, Patricia assured that other cryptocurrencies and customer funds remained unaffected by the incident.

However, due to internal restructuring, customers are currently unable to withdraw their funds from the platform. Although Patricia did not disclose the exact amount of assets compromised, they have identified an individual involved in the breach with the help of law enforcement. Patricia is collaborating with law enforcement and other partners to recover its assets.

Established in 2017, Patricia has gained recognition for its crypto and gift card trading services, making it a prime target for malicious individuals. The company acknowledges this and is actively working to enhance the security of its platform.

According to a reliable source close to the situation, the breach was indeed carried out by a group, confirming the company’s statement. The source also revealed that the identified individual within the group was tracked down through compromised naira assets. Most of the naira assets were traced back to this person.

To strengthen the platform’s security measures, Patricia has engaged the services of a security firm to conduct a comprehensive audit. Once the breached division, Patricia Personal, is deemed secure for operations, customers will regain the ability to withdraw their funds.

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