Baobab and Microsoft Forge Strategic Connectivity Partnership to Fuel Africa’s Future Growth

Bayobab, previously known as MTN GlobalConnect, is set to announce a strategic collaboration with Microsoft, forming a pan-African partnership focused on enhancing connectivity. The objective of this alliance is for Bayobab to offer expansive infrastructure services that will bolster Microsoft’s cloud initiatives, thereby accelerating the process of digital transformation across various organizations and communities.

This collaboration holds immense significance due to Africa’s current digital growth trajectory, wherein the continent’s internet-based economy is rapidly expanding. According to the World Bank, Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to house over 1 billion individuals, with half of the population being under the age of 25. With Africa boasting the youngest population worldwide and a growing desire for digital connectivity to access entertainment, financial services, and commercial requirements, the potential for development is enormous.

By establishing this strategic partnership, we can tap into Africa’s potential and facilitate socio-economic progress that supports digital economies and marketplaces. Consequently, consumers and businesses will be interconnected in numerous ways, resulting in increased opportunities for growth and development.

Motivated by Africa’s untapped potential, this collaboration will assist businesses in seamlessly connecting to the Microsoft Cloud, thereby expediting their journey of digital transformation. Bayobab’s services will improve operational efficiency for both business and public sector organizations, enhance productivity, and stimulate business expansion throughout Africa.

With the most extensive backbone network on the continent, Bayobab is well-positioned as a scalable partner, offering a single gateway supported by state-of-the-art network infrastructure. This infrastructure seamlessly integrates with over 107,000 km of fiber-optic infrastructure, granting access to 291 million African subscribers via the MTN network.

Frédéric Schepens, the CEO of Bayobab, expressed his thoughts on this partnership, stating: “As we progress on our journey to provide next-gen digital solutions across Africa, we are delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with Microsoft.  Our strategic partnership will see Bayobab utilising its significant pan-African proprietary fibre network to enable Microsoft’s digital transformation initiatives. Africa’s connectivity relies on strategic partnerships coming together to foster innovation, expand the African digital economy, and grow with impact in the countries where we operate.”

The alliance between our businesses builds on a strong, long-standing relationship of nearly 10 years.  Through our strategic partnership, we are excited to enable future growth for Africa powered by digital skills, connectivity, and innovation,” says Lillian Barnard, CEO at Microsoft South Africa.

In recognition of the vital role small businesses play in African economies, this collaboration signifies our dedication to assisting enterprises and public sector institutions throughout the continent. By leveraging our extensive infrastructure services and two specialized divisions focused on fiber and mobility, Bayobab aims to empower Microsoft’s digital ecosystem in delivering advanced solutions that expedite digital transformation and foster connectivity across Africa.

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