Insurtech Startup Turaco Partners with Airtel Mobile to Launch Low-Cost Hospital Cash Insurance Product

Kenyan insurtech startup Turaco, has partnered with Airtel Mobile and Prudential Assurance to launch a low-cost hospital cash insurance product with Funeral Benefit. 

Known as ‘Hospital Sente’ the product is, aimed at increasing access to insurance for underserved communities, and low-income individuals and families. It also seeks to ease Airtel’s customers’ financial burden associated with hospital admissions and death. 

Hospital Sente offers beneficiaries a cash payout if they are hospitalized. It is designed to provide affordable coverage for unserved individuals and families conveniently through Airtel’s Mobile money platform by dialling *185*7*6#. 

The product which is underwritten by Prudential Uganda is offered through Airtel Money powered by Turaco, a micro-insure tech that is changing the face of micro-insurance in Uganda.

“We are excited to partner with Prudential Uganda to offer this innovative and affordable insurance product to our customers,” said Airtel Mobile Commerce Managing Director, Japheth Aritho. “We believe that this partnership will help increase access to insurance for low-income households and help protect families against unexpected events.”

“We are proud to partner with Airtel Mobile Commerce Uganda Limited (AMCUL) to bring this important product to the Ugandan market,” said Prudential Uganda CEO, Tetteh Ayitevie. “We believe that this partnership will help us reach more customers and provide them with the financial protection they need.”

Hamza Mutebi, General Manager, Turaco said: “Most Ugandans today remain unreached by mainstream insurance, all while being the most vulnerable to financial shocks caused by illness, accidents, and death. Strategic partnerships like these remain critical to enabling underserved Ugandans access to affordable insurance that provides a safety net in their times of need and ultimately peace of mind. I thank Airtel Money and Prudential for joining us in driving mass market insurance adoption in Uganda”.

Hospital Sente offers hospital cash payout to beneficiaries upon inpatient hospitalization at any accredited hospital. This benefit is paid for up to 10 nights within a policy year. It also offers a funeral benefit that provides cover to the member on death due to natural or accidental causes. This benefit is payable to the member’s nominated Next of Kin.

The product comes in three affordable plans.  The Platinum plan comes with a funeral benefit of UGX 4Million, a hospital cash pay-out of UGX 100,000 per night of admission at a premium of only UGX 5000 every month. The Gold plan provides a funeral benefit of UGX 2Million, a hospital cash pay-out of UGX 60,000 per night at a monthly premium of only UGX 3000. The Silver plan offers a funeral plan of UGX 1Million, and a hospital cash pay-out of UGX 40,00 per night of hospitalization at a monthly premium of UGX 1000.

Hospital Sente is available to all Airtel Money customers. 

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