Tunisian Edtech Startup, Shape Raises Undisclosed Funding From The Oman Technology Fund 

Tunisia-based edtech startup Shape has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from The Oman Technology Fund (OTF).

Founded in 2021 by Rahma Abid, Shape has developed a digital platform that allows professionals to access continuous learning programs. The platform allows users to develop a personalized training plan that meets their career goals. The startup has more than 1000 users on its platform.

Sharing how she started her journey, Founder & CEO of Shape, Rahma Abid, wrote on her LinkedIn page,

“I started with a simple story on my Instagram account on September 29, 2021. I launched the first cohort in October 2021 with 12 candidates. I generated revenue from the first cohort. The first cohort was with Google Meet, Slack and Teachable. I had a lot of technical and logistical problems. I spent a lot of time with the candidates. I got sick. I had Covid for 20 days.

The program was stopped for 20 days because, without me, the program doesn’t exist. I did the whole process by myself. Then I developed the idea and automated the whole process so that it works without me.”

Abid further wrote that she faced new problems as she didn’t have enough resources to have a good product. She applied to the flywheel AIR 1 program in March 2022 but said she got a rejection. However, Abid didn’t give up and she continued to build a newer version of Shape and launched the coaching program for future employees.

Abid said she received more than 400 candidates but could only accept 20 candidates. The first cohort was in partnership with Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program.

On November 8, 2022, Abid applied for a startup label and she was awarded the startup label from Startup Tunisia, par Smart Capital on December 1, 2022.

According to Abid, by the end of 2022, Shape had three cohorts in the Shape your future program; 20 people have been recruited by its partners; 30 partners including two universities; 1 cohort in the highlight your skills program with 20 candidates selected and 350 candidates in progress for future cohorts. Shape also has partners in France and Canada.

The Oman Technology Fund has been actively investing in North African startups. The fund has also participated in the financing of several Tunisian startups such as Galactech, SgharToon, Wattnow, Avidea, Seemba, Homzmart, Bekia, and SWVL.

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