Nest Innovation Technology Park Partners with Campus Innovation Circles (CIC) to Launch the Nestlings Playbook Across Nigerian Varsities

The Nest Innovation Technology Park has partnered with Campus Innovation Circles (CIC) to launch The Nestlings Playbook; its pioneer program designed to address the challenges faced by founders across universities in Nigeria.

The Nestlings Playbook is specifically tailored to provide the undergraduate community with a sandbox that offers access to resources and support they need to explore the digital economy. By providing the opportunity to actively explore digital entrepreneurship, founders can gain valuable experience and knowledge without bearing the significant risk associated with implementation.

Nest noted that due to a lack of support and low participation; future leaders do not have the chance to impact the business world as they ought to. It added that the ecosystem of Nigerian students is rich in talent, but there is a need to provide them with the tools and resources needed for a smooth transition into the digital economy as entrepreneurs and not labour talents alone.

With this partnership and integration, The Nest Innovation Technology, in collaboration with CIC becomes a valuable source of support for today’s founders in universities, who are keen on exploring the digital economy to create prosperity in Africa. Taking the “catch them young” phrase literally.

Co-founder of The Nest Innovation Technology Park, Peter Ogedengbe, said: “Partnering with CIC is a bold step aligned with our strategy to provide support and access to resources to promote innovation and create awareness amongst young people, which will directly impact the Nigerian economy and Africa at large.”

This integration is programmed for founders within university communities to take on audacious challenges with resources of digital innovation and adequate support.

It will create a pipeline of entrepreneurial talent who, by graduation, are already competing actively in the market or are second-time founders by graduation and can satisfy the demand for such expertise in a broader ecosystem.

Silas Ugochi

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