Skrmiish, a Gaming-Tech Platform Raises $2.5M in Seed Funding Round

Skrmiish, a South African tech-driven gaming startup, has acquired $2.5 million in a seed funding round led by Launch Africa Ventures, The Blockchain Founders Fund, Stellar to expand its growth.

Founded in 2018, Skrmiish is a South African-based mobile “play-to-earn” software that lets players of all skill levels earn money in every match they play across the AAA+ games they like through the MoneyMatch feature. MoneyMatch, a feature released in 2021, enables users to earn real money in every match they participate in without having to wait for a tournament or locate a peer to challenge them.

Since launching its free-to-play offering into the market in 2021, Skrmiish has acquired more than 100 000 players across more than 100 jurisdictions around the globe. Live across the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe and targeting more than half a billion players currently, MoneyMatch combines a traditional sportsbook approach with traditional AAA+ game play. Players get their MoneyMatch rating based off performance data once they have synced Skrmiish with their game accounts.

Skrmiish chief executive Luke Grob emphasizes that the new partnerships are going to accelerate the team’s ability to implement the Skrmiish economic value system and build a play-to-earn format for the majority of the world’s gamers.

The ultimate goal is to grow Skrmiish into the go-to competitive app with digital banking for gamers globally. “Skrmiish will enable every gamer in the world to earn in every match they play within the games they already love,” says Grob.

“This is a revolution in the accessibility to earn while playing games and democratizes the competitive esports and blockchain based gaming industries. We’re fired up to launch our new MoneyMatch feature across multiple game titles, taking the casual gamer experience to a new level of excitement that we hope will delight players around the world.”

The fund will be used to improve its product including integrating new gaming titles, grow monthly revenue, expand to North and Latin America, and issue its Skrmiish token.

Silas Ugochi

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