Ckrowd Acquires Leading Digital Agency to Create Ckrowd Advert

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  • This acquisition will deliver on Ckrowd’s commitment to relentless digital optimisation and support content creators and businesses’ performance across Africa, the Diaspora and globally, reaching more than 35 million people online

Ckrowd, Africa’s most preferred and premium content streaming platform, announced today the acquisition of one of Africa’s leading marketing agencies.

The acquisition bolsters capabilities of Ckrowd in digital marketing automation, providing content creators across Africa and the Diaspora with the necessary digital marketing tools to increment and control their revenue generation process online.  

Ckrowd’s clients will be able to tap into the longstanding experience of this leading marketing agency’s deep knowledge to improve reach to content consumers and support their need to build very loyal communities on the platform, and allow content creators, influencers and more to monetise their exclusive content, which will be shared across the globe to their fanbases.  

We believe that everyone creating content should gain the most commercial value from their content creation and distribution, without having to relinquish ownership of the intellectual property in order to achieve a successful distribution control to third parties, as often happens for many of these creators. Ckrowd is persuaded of the fact that having control over the supply and revenue of content is crucial, which has been the inspiration towards this acquisition. Our mission is to give content creators the necessary tools to operate like business enterprises, in order to enjoy the full benefits of their hard work. Combining and Ckrowd Advert provides creators the ability to control the end-to-end revenue process of their content creating business.”Kayode Adebayo, CEO of Ckrowd

One of the direct results of this strategic deal has been the conception and development of Ckrowd Advert, which aims to further facilitate content distribution and marketing. This tool is also useful for businesses that aim to strategically target a wider and less traditional consumer base online. 

Content creators, businesses and other clients will also have access to Ckrowd Advert and its proprietary technology platform that offers support and services marketing in Africa for small and medium business enterprises, leveraging SMS, WhatsApp & email marketing to support their campaigns, websites, mobile apps, social media and brand stories.

Working with Ckrowd and particularly on the integration and setting up of the Ckrowd advert marketing system, has demonstrated Ckrowd’s commitment to the strategic distribution of content globally, reaching high numbers across the Continent and the Diaspora. Our vision for the product was a joint development and Ckrowd has further helped to amplify the scope of the product and reach the desired users, through its state-of-the-art facilities and resources. This acquisition has allowed to achieve the goal we set to achieve in speedier timings. In my new capacity at Ckrowd, as the new Head of Product Development, I can continue to help content creators and businesses with end-to-end content solutions that deliver personalised customer experiences and drive business impact.”Timothy Oladunmomi, Head of Product Development at Ckrowd Advert


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