Cigna Foundation Funds School Feeding in Kenya with US$200,000

Cigna Foundation Teams Up With Cup Of Uji Kenya, Contributes US$200,000 To  Fund Meals For Children - CYBER ERA: Catalyzing the Digital Economy

Cigna Foundation has partnered with Cup of Uji Kenya, a school feeding program founded by Hope Alive Campaign, a community based organization, to reduce food insecurity among primary school children in Kenya. In line with the partnership, the Cigna Foundation has contributed US$200,000 to fund nutritious meals for children and nurture their health and well-being.

The contribution is supported by Cigna’s Healthier Kids for Our Future®, a five-year global initiative launched in 2019 to improve the health and well-being of children – and to help build healthier, more vibrant communities for the next generation. Healthier Kids for Our Future is aligned with three of the 17 leading global objectives identified by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, and Good Health and Well-Being.

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The partnership with Cup of Uji Kenya supports local NGOs with the funds with an aim to purchase and distribute 500,000 meals comprising rice and beans across local schools. Through this initiative, Cigna Foundation will empower local NGOs, who understand the requirements of schools, with resources to fulfil the needs of the community. The humanitarian project is set to incentivize primary school children in Kenya to attend school.

Speaking on Cigna Foundation’s efforts to combat global hunger, Jerome Droesch, CEO of Cigna in Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, said: “It is disturbing to witness this growing challenge of global hunger and to do nothing about it. If not addressed, we will see 840 million people facing hunger by 2030, as per the predictions of the World Food Programme. Children who go hungry are likely to suffer from severe nutritional issues that can impact both their long-term physical and mental health.”

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He added: “In our efforts to offer hope for a healthier life to the children of Kenya, we are committed to this partnership with the Cup of Uji Kenya for the long haul. This effort has enabled Cigna and its employees to actively contribute towards the purchase, packaging and distribution of meals on ground. It was a deeply moving experience for Cigna’s employees to work alongside the Cup of Uji Kenya team to make this initiative come alive.”

Cup of Uji Kenya is a school feeding program founded by the Hope Alive Campaign that seeks to tackle food insecurity by providing meals to over 3,000 less fortunate school children in primary schools in Kenya. The program addresses the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of No Poverty, Zero Hunger and Good Health and Well-Being through fighting hunger, driving education and eliminating poverty in the long term.

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