New E-Commerce Platform Launches To Support SMEs

Launch of ShopESpot offers a South African e-commerce solution for local  businesses

A new e-Commerce platform, ShopESpot, has launched and aims to provide SMEs, business owners, and entrepreneurs an easy-to-use the platform to move their business into the online market.

The impact of Covid-19 has caused many small businesses to reinvent themselves with a shift towards creating an online presence to manage sales and increase their customer reach. 

 Lisa Sukdev, Chief Sales and Marketing Director of ShopESpot explains the importance of businesses creating an online presence to bolster their business revenue. 

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“The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about disruptive innovation whereby trends, such as shifting business to an online platform, have been accelerated. So much has changed in such a short space of time, and it’s difficult for businesses to keep up at the required rate.”

Sukdev adds that ShopESpot has been created to help facilitate a smooth transition for businesses wanting to create an online presence. 

“ShopESpot has been developed as way for any local business to quickly and easily adapt to e-commerce, ensuring they’re not left behind.”

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The platform  

Offering an all-in-one service, the platform allows businesses to create their own website in record time. This will further allow SMEs to promote their products and services online. 

With an online presence on ShopESpot, SMEs will be able to market the brand, showcase up to 1000 items for sale without the costs for developer services, embed a collection facility between company and consumer, select suitable delivery companies along with allocating sold items for delivery or pick up. Small business owners are able to sell products, online courses, and even membership services when utilising the ShopESpot platform. 

Essentially, ShopESpot offers an affordable solution for SMEs to take their business online. Clients who make use of the 14-day trial will have access to a ShopESpot consult designer at a reduced fee. 

 Business owners are able to select from three packages available with ShopESpot. Packages are based on the business’s requirements, size, and other factors. 

All the transactions are rand-based and when items are purchased by customers, payments are immediately deposited directly into SME and business owner’s bank accounts. 

Features for SMEs 

New e-Commerce platform launches to support SMEs - Ventureburn

ShopESpot’s innovative platform has the following features: 

  • Data protection: ShopESpot provides 3D card payments which means zero risks of cybercrime to the business owner or consumer.
  • Easy migration of an existing website onto the ShopESpot platform.
  • One-click to easily manage all social media.
  • An expansive online presence and complete online reputational management on a single platform.
  • Efficient use of staff and resources, with immediate returns.

More than just a transactional platform 

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) dashboard provided by ShopESpot provides companies with valuable data and insights. The data collected can assist the business to improve sales and the customer’s overall experience. 

The CRM dashboard is able to provide the following services for SMEs: 

  • Print or allocate vouchers for consumers.
  • Develop and manage customized loyalty offers.
  • Automatically create client databases.
  • Communicate with clients via SMS or email.
  • Ascertain insights into clients’ behaviour for enhanced CRM.
  • Track transactions from the order through to completion.

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“We are rapidly heading away from physical stores towards a much more engaging online presence in South Africa, and this has many benefits for both retailers and consumers. With ShopESpot, we are looking to make this a hassle-free transition that continues to simplify business operations for all parties,” concludes Sukdev

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