Egypt ’s Hydro Farms Raises New Funds, Launches New Products

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Egypt’s pioneer hydroponic farming company, Hydro Farms, has secured new funds from a group of angel investors from Egypt and the Gulf Region, with a plan by the company to further expand to additional markets.  

“We started this 8 years ago, now is the time to take it to the next level!” says Adel El Shentenawy, founder of Hydro Farms; “We are an exceptional start-up with a combined 8 years of experience and an incredible amount of passion and hard work in the business has helped us to come out of this and thrive in the most difficult and difficult times for a company or a startup.”

Here Is What You Need To Know

  • With the new funding, Hydro Farms’ first step in the large-scale expansion plan would be to release PERET, an exclusive line of fresh produce never before seen in Egypt at Gourmet “A Premium Grocery Franchise”.
  • The range of this new products will include a string of colorful heirloom tomatoes that were imported at very high prices such as San Marzano, Choco-Mato, or Chocolate Tomatoes and Golden Sweet as well as a new range of exotic peppers and red peppers with a promise of variety. more exciting.
  •  Hydro Farms plans to also expand the territory of its market to reach the shelves of international grocery stores, as the company offers a variety of fresh produce throughout the year, made with the highest standards and attention to detail. 
  • By leaving Egypt, Hydro Farms hopes to bring Egyptian agricultural brands back to their heyday.

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A Look At What Hydro Farms Does

Founded in 2012, Hydro Farms is one of the first agri-companies in Egypt to implement hydroponic planting in Egypt. 

The company’s plan is to revolutionize the agricultural sector in Egypt and to bring clean, quality products to the market, from farm to fork. 

The team behind Hydro Farms currently runs over 10 farms in Egypt. Hydro Farms also currently grows over 30 varieties of unique produce in the market that are more prone to growing leafy vegetables. Hydroponics, which is Hydro Farms’ model uses 90% less water compared to traditional methods as well as a large reduction in land area and more food with higher quality and much less resources.

Hydro Farms plans to play a larger role in the community. With a particular focus on educational events that start with school trips to enlighten children on the importance of sustainable agriculture, participation in wellness retreats to encourage people to grow their own produce at home and trips to the farm to reveal the level of technology currently reached by Hydro Fermes. 

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See the source image
See the source image

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