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Webinars For The Week 12-15 May

Covid-19 and your finances

This LifeQ webinar looks at how your prepare your career or business for what’s coming around the corner. How do you position your professional and entrepreneurial ventures to not only survive but thrive and help our economy bounce back?

This talk combines insightful analysis, model-based story-telling and scenario analysis to help you plan your career during the greatest crisis of our time.

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Date: 12 May, 5.30pm

Covid-19 funding available for your business

In this webinar, hosted by Stellenbosch Network, Jeremy Lang, the regional general manager of Business Partners, will talk on the various Covid-19 relief funding available to SMEs in South Africa.

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Date: 13 May, 1pm to 2pm

How to build trust with foreign investors

In this webinar Ampco looks at capturing convergence and building trust with international investors

Ampco is an advisory firm focused on companies in emerging markets. The organisation is currently exploring the needs of young companies and ventures seeking assistance with fundraising, operations, and market strategy.

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Date: 13 May, 4pm to 5pm (Kenyan time)

Section 12J training webinar

Investors, financial advisors and financial professionals are encouraged to join this Section 12J training session presented by Jaltech’s Jonty Sacks. A number of slots will be available over the coming weeks, with the first one to start on 8 May.

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Date: 15 May, 11am to 12pm

Advising clients in crisis

In this webinar, Outsourced CFO hosts a panel-style discussion with some of its top chartered accountant advisors.

The aim is to share learnings from advising a variety of Cape Town businesses on financial, leadership and communication issues.

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Date: 14 May, 1pm

Yoco Virtual Meets

Virtual Yoco Meets offers entrepreneurs a community to create connections, share experiences and trade insights.

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Date: 15 May, 6pm

Nic Haralambous weekly business stream

Serial entrepreneur and author Nic Haralambous is hosting a weekly business stream for startup founders and business owners every Friday at 2pm.

This week Haralambous talks to M&C Saatchi Abel managing director Faheem Chaudhry, about the agency world during a Covid-19 existence —  what it means, how it’s changed the agency business and much more.

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Date: 15 May, 2pm

GetFundedAfrica is a technology-based, business information platform operated by Afriscaper Research & Consulting Limited with a mission to reduce barriers to funding for African businesses. GFA matches investor ready, African & African-Diaspora owned companies with global investors, leveraging market research, industry data and news aggregation

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Introducing our latest feature writer, Ms Uchenna Agbo who recently wrote an insightful article called ” COVID19: THE MIND OF THE CEO, WHAT EMPLOYEES NEED TO KNOW…

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